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Metal News / Promotion » Jason McMaster (Watchtower) Radio Interview on Sweet Nightmares
For Watchtower fans, vocalist Jason McMaster will be interviewed on the next Sweet Nightmares radio show.

From the Sweet Nightmares announcement...
Energetic Disassembly is the debut album by progressive metal band Watchtower, released November 30th 1985 . It contains a re-recording of the song 'Meltdown', first recorded in 1983 for the Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death compilation.An earlier version of Energetic Disassembly, recorded at B.O.S.S. (short for Bob O'Neill Sound Studios) for Rainforest Records (home to S.A.Slayer), was scrapped when the label closed its doors. These 'lost' recordings have since been released as part of the 2002 Demonstrations In Chaos archives release.

Energetic Disassembly was originally released on the band's own label, Zombo Records. Zombo was the name of the band's then-manager's mute dog. Financed by drummer Rick Colaluca, 3.000 LPs and 1.500 cassettes were pressed up at the time.

Also on Sweet Nightmares radio show next week December 6th 2018. We will have Jason McMaster vocalist for a call in interview. Sweet nightmares radio show live every Wednesday 11 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Listen live at
or listen to the show once it's archived at
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True confessions time...
Many years ago i saw Jason fronting Dangerous Toys at a gig in Glasgow, (i think they were supporting Faster Pussycat around 1989 perhaps).
After their set, i was in the toilets with a couple of my friends and i was drunkenly holding forth on how much Dangerous Toys had sucked, singling out McMaster's between song banter for extra special ridicule.
At some point during my lengthy rant i became aware that my friends had stopped laughing along at my monologue and were now instead looking at the ground sheepishly. My 'spider sense' was now all a-tingle, and when i turned round, yes, you guessed it, there was Jason McMaster stood behind us.
He'd been eye-balling us the whole time whilst listening to my entire diatribe, whilst everyone else in the room (except us) had gradually become aware of the situation.
I, of course, instantly regretted my exagerrated-for-comic-effect criticisms and was wishing the ground would open up & swallow me.
To his credit, on his way out the door, McMaster gave us a grin & a thumbs-up where he'd have been quite justified in giving me an earful or a slap for my cheek.
Very classy Mr McMaster.
Ironically, whilst i never got into Dangerous Toys, i really liked his work with Watchtower, but at that time i had no idea that he was the same guy.
In the unlikely event that he should happen to read this and remember the incident, i apologise sincerely for what i said, and it should amuse him to know that my friends slagged me off about that incident for years afterwards, refusing to let me live it down. I've no excuse for it either, just that classic combo of youthful exuberance and alcoholic over-indulgence which makes fools of us all from time to time.
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