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    Artist: Power
    Release: Demos, 198x-1987
    Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
    Country: Sweden
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    POWER are renowned for their unfulfilled promise and for providing the Swedish Rock scene with many noted musicians. POWER evolved from a previous act titled HIGHBROW. Despite having been established before 1980 the band debuted in 1983 with a demo cassete. POWER's line-up at this time comprised of vocalist Björn Jansson, guitarist Christopher Ståhl, bassist Marcel Jacob, keyboard player Patrik Applegren and drummer Zepp Ugard. Following this release Jacob departed to join YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and was replaced by Peter Olsson, a former member of the pre-EUROPE band FORCE. Ugard also joined YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, being replaced by Jari Katila.

    Having only ever released two singles, POWER fragmented in 1990 despite interest from major labels. Jansson joined RACKETEER. Ståhl played guitar on the debut TALISMAN album whilst Applegren (whose brother happens to be a world champion table tennis player) joined TREAT.

    Besides TALISMAN and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Jacob would feature with FORCE (the pre EUROPE band), on JOHN NORUM's 1987 'Total Control' album, the JOHANSSON BROTHERS, BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB and HUMAN CLAY. Marcel Jacob joined the ranks of LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM in 2004, featuring on the 'II' album. - MusicMight

    Last Known Line-Up
    Thomas Jansson - Vocals (Two Rocks, Shoutless, Racketeer)
    Christopher Ståhl - Guitar (Talisman)
    Martin von Schmalenses - Bass
    Jari Katila - Drums (Mud and Blood)
    Patrick Appelgren - Keyboards (Talisman, Treat)

    Former / Past Members
    Björn Jansson - Vocals (Two Rocks, Avenue, Tears Of Anger, Mindcrime, Ride The Sky, Beyond Twilight, Erika, Shadrane, Imaginery, Snakes In Paradise, Talisman, Crash The System)
    Eero "Eric Birchisle" Koivisto - Bass (Highbrow, Heavy Load, Red Baron, Warrior)
    Marcel "Marre" Jacob - Bass (Highbrow, Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Force/Europe, John Norum, Johansson Brothers, Billionaire Boys Club, Human Clay, Last Autum's Dream)
    Joakim "Joe" Larsson - Bass (Six Feet Under, Jammer, Treat)
    Peter Ohlsson - Bass (Fore/Europe)
    Zepp Urgaard - Drums (Yngwie Malmsteen)
    1. Heal My Heart
    2. Danger
    3. Love Ain't Meant Forever
    4. Let Me Love You (Demo '87)
    5. Winds Of Change (Demo '87)
    6. Memories of You (Demo '87)
    7. Sign of the Night (Demo '87)
    8. Fool for a Fortune (Demo '87)
    9. Break Your Chains (Demo '87)
    10. Lyin' And Teasin' (Demo '88)
    11. Dancin in Fire (Demo '88)
    12. No Limits (Demo '88)
    13. Up, Up, Up (Demo '88)
    14. Prisoner of Love (Demo '88)
    15. One More Try (Demo '88)
    16. Gimme Your Love (Demo '88)
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