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    Artist: Static
    Release: Demos 1979-81
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 192
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    Surrey's popular STATIC were originally conceived as far back as 1978, their formation being masterminded by a certain Peter Buckler (brother of Rick Buckler, famous sticksman from THE JAM), the outfit's ever-dependable bassist. With the act originally employing the services of a vocalist named Gary Frost, it soon became apparent that the aforementioned frontman's aspirations involved pushing the band in a semi-AOR direction, creating a style reminiscent of TOTO or FOREIGNER. This suggestion met with serious disapprobation from the other members, however, and the hapless singer was soon on his way, with Noel Jones subsequently stepping in to fill the vacancy. The line-up was, in the first instance, completed by former ACE HIGH guitarist Tony Dugdale and drummer Neil Dowling, and this version of the band recorded the first STATIC demo (featuring "Someone Like You", "Too Long Free" and "Lady Money") in December 1979. A couple of further recording sessions took place a short time later, the band trying out newer material such as "Gotta Lose Ya", "Last Train", "Believe In Me" and "Silent Angels Look Down", although these were to mark the final involvement of Tony Dugdale (who would subsequently play a major role in the quirky FOUR WHEEL DRIVE project), the latter being replaced by Paddy Chambers (formerly with a minor local band called TANK, who, confusingly, had absolutely no connection with Algy Ward's mob) at the beginning of 1980.

    With their new, relatively stable line-up, the group played gig after gig in their locality, even venturing up to the capital itself on occasion. Support slots soon began coming their way, notably with TRUST (following on from their trek around Britain with IRON MAIDEN), WEAPON and MARILLION. In the early months of 1981, however, the rhythm section (including founder member Peter Buckler) flew the coop (Neil Dowling initially found his way into the ranks of L.A. HOOKER, although he would later become Tony Dugdale's business partner in the FOUR WHEEL DRIVE venture), and the remaining duo of Jones and Chambers (who rapidly evolved into STATIC's main songwriting force) were compelled to draft in new boys Kieran McCleary (d) and Andy Rose (b) to make up the numbers once more. Following on from yet more regional gigging on the pub/club circuit, further demo recordings and regular exposure on local radio, the band were featured in the 'Armed And Ready' section of 'Kerrang' in the summer of 1982. Although the lads had hoped to attract some level of record company interest by this point, they eventually came to terms with the fact that the only way they were likely to get to the vinyl stage was to release a self-financed product themselves.

    STATIC's debut single was released a couple of months later, coupling "Voice On The Line" with "Stealin'", two listenable enough efforts in the general style of URCHIN or early SAMSON, not overly heavy but still quite strong on the guitar front. The record, issued on their own Eeyo label (allegedly derived from, er, 'Extremely Excellent Yodelling Organisation') wasn't issued in a picture cover at any stage, although some sleeves were simply stamped with the band's logo. The record sold reasonably well, and the band promoted its release with yet more gigs and support slots with the likes of DUMPY'S RUSTY NUTS and the JACKIE LYNTON BAND, consolidating their rapidly-developing position as well-received crowd-pleasers. Eventually, however, the members of STATIC began to express dissatisfaction with their lack of progress, resulting in a fairly amicable split towards the end of the year. Undeterred, Noel Jones set about assembling a new set of musicians to assist him in the quest for fame and, after soliciting applications through the pages of 'Kerrang', was able to recruit Andy Simmons (g), Ross Bingham (g,k), Pete Blanchard (b) and Kev Baker (d), all of whom had actually come from an unsuccessful local outfit called SPHINX. Blanchard stayed a very short while, though, before a more suitable replacement was found in the form of ex-SABRE bassist Geoff Gillespie.

    It looked as though the STATIC name would soon be riding high once again (in fact, "Voice On The Line" even made an appearance in the 'Local Chart' section in 'Kerrang' early in 1983). Sadly, however, it didn't work out for the revised version of the band (who played just one gig, alongside rising local hopefuls SEDUCER), and the outfit splintered shortly thereafter. Gillespie and the three ex-SPHINX musicians formed their own SNOWBLIND (see separate entry) offshoot soon afterwards, while Noel Jones took stock of the situation and eventually returned with the considerably more distinctive and successful WHITE LIGHTNING (see separate entry) operation. The STATIC single remains a fairly collectable piece, however, although the fact that a considerable quantity of unsold copies have been released by the band members in recent years means that the price hasn't escalated to ridiculous levels in the interim.
    1 Too Long Free
    2 Gotta Lose Ya
    3 Last Train
    4 Believe In Me
    5 Silent Angels Look Down
    6 Hang Up Joint stereo
    7 Heavy Heart
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