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    Artist: Gaskin
    Release: The Demos '80-'81
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 256
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    Gaskin formed in 1979 by Paul Gaskin (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and Dave Norman (Drums and Percussion), the band went through several line up changes before settling on the classic trio format, completed by Stef Prokopczuk (Bass and Backing Vocals) early in 1980.
    After several months of writing, rehearsing and a few low key gigs, the band entered the studios for the first time in May 1980, at Fairview Studios in Hull. Scene of Def Leppard's first demo some 18 months earlier, the studio boasted an 8 track Ampex machine.

    The tracks from this session are:
    1. SWEET DREAM MAKER (4.07)
    2. END OF THE WORLD (3.37)
    3. DESPISER (5.11)
    4. I'M NO FOOL (3.37)

    "I'm No Fool" backed with "Sweet Dream Maker" became the band's first vinyl single in 1981, and were later included on various CD releases, but all four songs have now been cleaned up and re-mastered from a metal cassette master. Following various trials and tribulations, that saw the eventual release of the band's first full length album "End of the World" in 1981 (including all four songs from that first demo, albeit re-recorded), it is fairly well documented that the band decided to enhance the line up with a dedicated lead singer. Barnsley vocalist Mick Clarke subsequently joined the band in mid 1981, and the new line up made the trip south to record at The Lodge Recording Studio in Suffolk, owned and run by symphonic prog band The Enid. Once again four new songs were recorded, two of them written by Mick. Those songs are not included here, as they are not representative of the Gaskin sound, and were more in keeping with the material Mick and Stef eventually released with new band Ace Lane, in 1982.

    The other two songs from that demo are :
    5. LAY ME EASY (5.13)
    6. COME BACK TO ME (3.41)

    The first of these two, "Lay Me Easy", was actually written in early 1980, and performed live throughout 1980 and 1981, but for some reason lost in the mists of time never made it on to either album. The final song "Come Back To Me" was later re-recorded for the band's second album, "No Way Out" in 1982.
    {Thanks to Ivan Finestres for rip and info}
    1. SWEET DREAM MAKER (4.07)
    2. END OF THE WORLD (3.37)
    3. DESPISER (5.11)
    4. I'M NO FOOL (3.37)
    5. LAY ME EASY (5.13)
    6. COME BACK TO ME (3.41)
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