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    Artist: V/A
    Release: East Coast Metal (1988)
    Genres: Heavy Metal (Various Styles)
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 192
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    East Coast Metal was the second of five compilations put together by Regency Records in the late eighties intended to highlight the talents of the more noteworthy unsigned Christian metal bands at the time. And when compared to its predecessor California Metal, East Coast Metal does just as good a job if not better in fulfilling that role, the album bringing a diverse collection of styles ranging from power metal, commercial metal, classic metal, speed metal/thrash to punk metal/hardcore. Four well known bands in Believer, Second Chance (soon to change its name to Armageddon), Arsenal and The Lead make their debut on East Coast Metal, while Rage Of Angels makes its second appearance. (ROA placed a track on the Heavy Righteous Metal compilation earlier in the year.) Two of the more talented bands appearing on the project, Apostle and Taker, unfortunately, never went on to sign with a label and record a full length album.

    First and foremost, East Coast Metal does not consist of material taken from a bunch of muddy sounding demo tapes; rather, each band went into the studio and recorded its material from scratch. While production values are quite good in highlighting crisp and sharp sounding sonics, the rhythm guitar could have been beefed up a bit on several tracks.

    As for Jacksonville, Florida based Apostle? And God said, "Let there be power metal," and there was power metal! Following the release of two critically acclaimed demo tapes, Chariots Of Iron and Hymns, Apostle brings a classical influenced and non-stop double bass driven brand of power metal that would sound right at home in today’s metal scene. http://www.angelicwarlord.com/reviews/v/vaecm88.html
    1. The Sword - Apostle
    2. Reason To Rock - Rage Of Angels
    3. Message Of Love - Arsenal
    4. Tunnel Vision - The Lead
    5. Yesterday, Today And Forever - Taker
    6. (Liberation From) The Blazing Wasteland - Second Chance
    7. Stand Strong - Arsenal
    8. The Chosen - Believer
    9. Living By Faith - Taker

    1. from the 'Hymns' demo
    2. demo, later released on the album 'Rage Of Angels'
    3. from their 1985 demo
    4. from the album 'The Past Behind'
    5. from the 'Mat. 11:12' demo
    6. demo, later released on the album 'Money Mask' (as Armageddon)
    7. from their 1985 demo
    8. exclusive track
    9. from the 'Mat. 11:12' demo
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