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    Artist: V/A
    Release: Friesland Pop Promosingle 4, Compilation 1991
    Label: Stichting Friesland Pop #SFP 91/4
    Genres: Alternative / Punk / Heavy / Thrash Metal
    Country: Netherlands
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    The bands featured on this 7" were the top 3 of the Kleine Prijs van Sneek contest 1991.

    https://www.discogs.com/Various-Friesla ... se/1703366
    https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/D ... 234/242947

    On Friday the 31st of May a crowd of 500 in Het Bolwerk in Sneek enjoyed a variety of contemporary popmusic (with a strong emphasis on loud and fast), from funk (Hot Enuff) to new wave (The North) and from hard rock (Jokers Wild) to spacemotörpunk (Texaco Warkick), crossover metalfunk (P.J.P. Pinhead) and almost everything (Glasnost). And there was a frist: for the first time the final of "De Kleine Prijs Van Sneek" was won by a really loud band, namely Dust Devil, a speed/thrashband from Leeuwarden. They became the followers-up to Brimstonee Butterfly/A Cursed Fortress (1984), Kobus Gaat Naar Appelscha (1985), Christ In Concrete (1986), Lul (1987), Deinum (1988), Der Junge Wether (1989) and The Amp (1990). Second came ex aequo Ford 5000 (defying any genre named after famous tractor) and Megakronkel (Kronkelwave, both men ex members of Umberto Di Bosso).

    Ford 5000
    Ford Five Thousand (or Ford Fiiftuzen in their own frisian language) is a band from the midwest of Fryslan, half of the members coming from the small town of Tzum, the other half from the even smaller town of Kubaard, The band is playing for three years now, during which time they changed their name 14(!) times and three solo guitarists were used up. It was only during the legendary "Kick Ass"-tour of summer 1990 in the former eastern block and south of Europe that Ford 5000 developed into the band we know so well today. Ford 5000 produces an extremely schizofrenic music, born out of fear for repetition and a constant development of new ideas and preferences. Most songs could be described as psychedelic rocksongs with unexpected twists and turns. The band masters a wide range of styles, from feeble, soppy ballads and "noise-house" to demolished new wave and blustering speedcountry.

    Lolkje Algra - Vocals
    Tjitze Vogel - Guitar, Vocals
    Bert Vollema - Bass, Vocals
    Jouke Algra - Drums, Vocals

    Megakronkel wriggles itself slyly into your earhole, to explode in the heart of your hearing centre a couple of seconds later and leave you in a state of complete disorientation. In a normal live-situation Folmer and Van Velzen work their way through a varied and always impressive set, aided by samples and drumcomputer. It's only afterwards that you realise how much satisfaction the barrage of structured paranoia has given you

    Robin Van Velzen - Guitar
    Jan Folmer - Bass

    Dust Devil
    A speed/thrash (or whatever you like to call it)-band from the heart of Fryslan, who like their music raw and fast. They stand against oppression, live for their music and express all through their lyrics and their aggressive sound. Three years of experience has led to a solid stage-attitude and after releasing two demotapes they feel the time has come for a single of their own in the near future. The band thinks it's a positive thing the way metal is influencing popmusic in the north of the Netherlands and spreading allower the country. Well, here's "metal from the mind"

    Joris Witkamp - Vocals
    Lieuwe Pietersen - Guitar
    Wietse Hoekstra - Guitar
    Erik Willinge Prins - Bass
    Eric Huisman - Drums
    1. Ford 5000 - Well I Say
    2. Megakronkel - Mega Maggie
    3. Dust Devil - Chimes of Paranoia
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