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    Artist: V/A
    Release: Tribute Clash of the Bands - Rock Will Never Die (1987-1989 / 2008)
    Genres: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
    Country: Malaysia
    Bitrate: FLAC
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    https://www.discogs.com/Various-Tribute ... se/5503107

    I don't know if I can share this rip, but Life Records / Hup Hup Records ceased activity on December 2017 and this box set was already out of print and hard to find since long time

    Anyway... it's just a full CD reissue of the 3 "Clash of the Bands" compilation originally released on Tape by Life Records between 1987 and 1989 (and also released on very limited promo vinyl for radio stations).

    Basically, "Clash of the Bands" was one of the many national music competition which were held in Malaysia since 1983 for emerging rock bands (or "rock kapak" as it is known): from the "Juara Rock" competitions held in 1983 and 1984 to "1984 Rock Festival" in Johor Baru to the "Juara Juara Rock" (which brought to a serie of 3 compilation tapes) to the two "Battle of the Bands" (which also led to two very successful and important compilation) to the 4 edition of "War Rock" (I posted the only 3 compilation released off it, a few days ago) to the "Batu Batu Perjuangan" (1988, released also on tape and later on CD), to "Hikayat Rock" and "Pancakara di Cakerawala" (both released on Lp), "Rock Galactica" (with a compilation Lp later reissued on CD) to "Gegaran '88" (released on tape) to "Juara Kumpulan Tenggara" and "Pesta Hiburan Kingsway" (sadly these last two never brouth to any compilation): the golden era of Rock Kapak, which later gave space to the emerging thrash bands (Cromok, FTG) and a more underground and ferocious death-black scene. Most of the early "rock kapak" bands just disappeared after 1992-1993 or became way too much soft and commercial and were definitively overshadowed by the new thrash-death-black metal bands or new and more commercial generes.

    Not the best compilation ever (the two "Battle of the Bands" and the three "Juara Juara Rock" released in the same years were much much superior) but there are some bands who left a big trace on the history of "rock kapak" (the malaysian commercial hard rock) of the time

    HELTER SKELTER despite having released two tape album only, got a huge success back at the time.... well, it's a honest street / hard rock despite in these 3 compilation they play too many rock ballads....

    TZ and TRASHED are interesting bands but to my knowledge they didnt' release anything else, beside two more tracks each on the Rock Power Compilation Tape (1988, reissued twice in the 2000's)

    LAST MINUTE are probably the most interesting band, with a female singer and a nice mix of street rock and synths, but there's also touches of harder rock... they released one tape album only, "Timur Dan Barat" (1988) which got some success back at the time, but sadly not reissued on CD yet

    VARNA, LES MAYOR and KRAX are also bands who never recorded anything else beside the tracks for this live compilation (on volume 3, the most interesting of the three volumes, much heavier than the previos two parts) as well as the less interesting EAZY and STEELFINGERS (which, despite the nice band name, deliver just ordinary hard metal, even if their second song is not bad at all)

    Obviously the most famous band of the lot is HANDY BLACK from Singapore, who recorded all their albums in Kuala Lumpur and played most of their gigs in Malaysia. I guess most of you know them already very well, having released several album and countless split / compilation / best of (I updated their discography on Metal Archives but I bet the list is still incomplete)

    Well.... what to say?

    Enjoy it
    Clash of the Bands I (1987)
    1-1. TZ - Pemuzik jalanan
    1-2. Helter Skelter - Tiada Lagi Airmata
    1-3. Helter Skelter - Antara syurga dan neraka
    1-4. Trashed - Gelisah
    1-5. Handy Black - Mimpi
    1-6. Trashed - Angkara
    1-7. Last Minute - Pengmalaman hidup
    1-8. TZ - Mencari kedamaian
    1-9. Handy Black - Ketenangan
    1-10. Last Minute - Tunggukan kepulaganku

    Clash of the Bands II (1987)
    2-1. Last Minute - Erti cinta
    2-2. Helter Skelter - Secebis cahaya
    2-3. Last Minute - Kau ku sayangi
    2-4. Last Minute - Peperangan
    2-5. Last Minute - Cinta berdarah
    2-6. Helter Skelter - Kesedaran yang terlewat
    2-7. Helter Skelter - Baktri satria
    2-8. Helter Skelter - Akhir cinta pertama
    2-9. Last Minute - Wajah bagai pelangi
    2-10. Helter Skelter - Melissa

    Clash of the Bands III (1989)
    3-1. Varna - Malam
    3-2. Eazy - Sejarah pilu
    3-3. Les Mayor - Pendusta
    3-4. Varna - Puteri
    3-5. Krax - Perjuangan kita
    3-6. Krax - Bermimpi
    3-7. Eazy - Wasapada selalu
    3-8. Steelfingers - Ayu
    3-9. Steelfingers - Ilmiah
    3-10. Les Mayor - Mirintih kepiluan



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