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    Release: Dregs of the Internet [Compilation] (1996)
    Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 320Kbps
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    Here's an old compilation album from the early days of the internet featuring prog metal band. My favorite is Clockwork with the song Reflections.
    They released an EP called Search in 1997 with a new singer (you can download it here), and then in 1999 they
    released their only full length album before disbanding. Shame since they had lots of talent.
    This song is one part of their first demo - a 27 minute song called Weaving Webs of Time. I SO VERY MUCH want that one!!!'
    As I understand it, they took one part of that 27 minute song for this compilation CD.

    I really like Happenstance as well. They released an album in 1997 by themselves. I'm looking for that one!

    Mirror is one band that I could find. They released the album Reflections in 1996 and it's a melodic mix of progressive rock and metal.

    Here is a review of the compilation:

    This is a nice opportunity to get to know some of the independent recording acts. This CD of the progressive/pomprock record company Dregs Records is filled with material of independent recording bands that can also be found on the internet. This CD gives you the chance to hear these bands easily. 12 bands are included, each band one song. Two bands (FACADE and CLOCKWORK) released a CD through the same recordlabel, but both their songs on this compilation disc are new. "Light years" of FACADE sounds pretty nice and is Progressive AOR, while the CLOCKWORK song ("Reflections") is pretty good Progressive Pomp Melodic Rock with a great chorus and better than their 4-track mini-CD. The other 10 are all new and unknown for most of you.

    The best independent bands are HAPPENSTANCE and MIRROR. HAPPENSTANCE is featured with the song "Seeing is believing", a great uptempo AOR/Radiorocker with only a bit symphonic influences. This band from Robesonia, PA, USA reminds me of THE PROMISE in a lot ways, there are some great harmonyvocals in the catchy AOR chorus. Definitely a band I want to hear more of. You can visit their website at: http://www.epix.net/~freddah/happen.html

    The New York based band MIRROR (not the Melodic Hardrockband featuring Jeffry Rients) has a good Pomprockballad titled "Foolish shadows" on this CD. The song has a nice keyboardsolo. Visit their website at: http://www.icu.com/MIRROR The material of the other bands is very diverse. Bands like COLD FRONT, 3250, SPIRAL, PSYCHEDELIC LULLABIES have nothing to do with Progressive Rock, 3250 does even sound like METALLICA! The material of the Progressive Rockbands THE AGE OF REASON, NAKED is nice, but nothing special.

    Concluded it is hard to recommend this CD, but it gives you an idea of how the independent rockscene nowadays sound like. I am interested in hearing more of the bands HAPPENSTANCE and MIRROR, these two acts sound good and are a promise for the future. The rest of the bands have to work harder to get some attention. You can get a copy of this CD through http://www.hutman.com/dreg/

    The links in the review above won't work anymore...
    1. Clockwork - Reflections
    2. Happenstance - Seeing is Believing
    3. Mirror - Foolish Shadows
    4. Cold Front - Season's Forgive
    5. 3250 - Fear Itself
    6. Psychadelic Lullabies - Bad Communication
    7. Facade - Light Years
    8. Inferno - The Second Hand
    9. The Age of Reason - What You Will
    10. Naked - Idols
    11. Nature's Call - The Running Man
    12. Atlantis - Spiral into Nine

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