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    Artist: Mayhem
    Release: Rehearsal - November, 1986
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Ski, Viken, Norway
    Bitrate: FLAC
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    Vomit From Helvete

    Instrumental Rehearsal, November 1986

    First of all, there are a number of bootlegs w/ different names that are all this recording. While it has never officially been released, to help clear up confusion, I will list all the bootlegs I know of that have this rehearsal:

    First the bootleg I took my lossless transfer from:

    Mayhem/Vomit Split - Fuck You!!!

    Here are the other known bootlegs w/ the same rehearsal-

    Mayhem - The Sign Of The Cross Rehearsal 1986 ... se/7078255

    Mayhem - Forgotten Tracks ... e/10378467

    Mayhem - Black Millennium ... se/2378302

    Mayhem - Vomit From Helvete

    Here is the hype essay from the Vomit From Helvete Vinyl: (please note that even though the maker and the band made some kind of “deal” to get this released, it is still a bootleg and not officially licensed by Mayhem.


    What you have here in your hands is a rare and previously unreleased instrumental recording of a band who were to become legendary.

    Recorded as it happened in the band’s small rehearsal room on a cold day in November 1986 on very basic equipment, this tape was unknown to most heard by only a few.

    I received it back in late ’86 from a tape trader in Norway, who name I cannot even remember! But who must have been very close tot he band to have this, as it seems it was not traded in any great amount at all! Only a handful of copies were distributed by Euronymous himself direct from his Helvete shop, as part of a split tape with fellow countrymen Vomit.

    The had quite recently recorded the Pure Fucking Armageddon and Voice Of A Tortured Soul demos, the Deathrehearsal tape was a few months away from being recorded and the legendary Deathcrush was just a formative idea. So this is a very early and historic recording, and is the earliest known recordings of such classic black metal classics as “Deathcrush”, “Chainsaw Gutsfuck” and “Necrolust”. It is also the only known recording of the band performing the great “Into The Crypt Of Rays” by Celtic Frost.

    I had always known I had this tape, but considered it lost over the years, until I came across it one day sorting through some stuff in my loft. After listening to it for the first time in around 20 years, I realized that this was a recording that should not be hidden from the true Mayhem fans around the world, so I contacted the band and told them I had a copy of it. They agreed that it should be heard.

    I didn’t want to do as many other have, and release a bootleg version without the bands consent, so we agreed on a deal where they would receive something in exchange for allowing me to release this.

    Here is the finished result, the sound is not brilliant, the performance is very laid back, and the atmosphere of the whole release is rather quirky, but it is still a very important and fundamental piece of extreme metal history!


    I should also mention that this tape ends with “Blues of Death” (listed simply as “Necrobutcher” on my tracked version). The final song, what would be the 2nd take of Chainsaw Gutsfuck, while it may have been recorded the same day, it is not on the same track as the others. It is instrumental and sounds a little better than the rest of the rehearsal, so I can’t verify its authenticity. Especially since some the bootlegs have it last, and others do not. I included it because it does have a probable provenance of 11/86, and it was transferred not from the split cassette I mentioned above, but from the Black Millennium 2xCD bootleg release.

    Anyway, if you are a Mayhem fan, this is a must have in my opinion!
    01 (chainsaw gutsfuck intro) (0:37)
    02 Chainsaw Gutsfuck (4:06)
    03 Necrolust (3:26)
    04 Deathcrush (3:05)
    05 A Je To! (Pat & Mat Theme Song) (1:37)
    06 Into The Crypt Of Rays (2:48)
    07 (Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth (0:38)
    08 Necrobutcher (aka Blues Of Death) (1:55)
    09 Chainsaw Gutsfuck (from black millennium) (2:46)
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