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    Artist: Tearstained
    Release: Monumental In Its Sorrow
    Genre: Depressive Black Cult
    Country: USA (Rochester, NY)
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    The debut, and original pressing, of Tearstained's 1st CD released in 1999 on Mordgrimm Records. This is my solo-project. This debuted the style that would evolve on the next 2 albums which, together, comprised of the "Suicide Trilogy". It was called "Depressive Black Cult". After the album there is a track 9 that is 2 hidden cover-songs. They are not listed in the booklet, but they are listed below. Every Tearstained CD has 2 hidden cover-songs not listed in the booklets, one of which is always a Bathory-cover. This album is like what would happen if Bathory and Mercyful Fate collided, with some explorations into depressive doom and atmospheric black metal. The Metallica-cover was done as I envisioned Quorthon would have performed it had he done a cover of it, so I always call it a Bathorized Metallica-cover. Cover-art by J. Petagno, who is also responsible for the Motorhead logo, Alice Cooper "Billion Dollar Babies" LP-layout and many many other classic album covers. Photos of Mikael by Evil Eye (R.I.P.) Logo by Kris Verwimp. In fact it's even a centerfold featured in the book "Logos From Hell".

    This album would be re-issued in 2005 on Barbarian Wrath with 2 then-new songs that only appear on that re-issue and a new layout and cover-art.

    Mikael - all instruments & vocals, recording, engineering and mixing.
    1. The End of This Incarnation - 7:06
    2. The Clouds That Grieve - 3:06
    3. Thunderstorms Ease Me - 6:00
    4. Bat Horde - 5:01
    5. Suicide Pact - 5:18
    6. Dead to the World - 5:06
    7. The Death of All That Is Beautiful - 6:09
    8. Tearstained Nightsky - 9:04
    9. Equimanthorn (Bathory-cover) / For Whom the Bell Tolls (Bathorized Metallica-cover) - 08:14
    The poem on the back incorporates all the song titles in the order they appear on the album.
    I did this in tribute as Bathory did on the back of their "The Return..." album.

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    Man, I remember this album! Bat Horde was one of my favorite songs on there... Don't remember where I got it I think Jim Raggi from Lamentations Of The Flame Princess gave it to me.
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    New link, same bitrate (+ ALL cover scans included!)
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