Singles [Hard Rock] » Jester (Can) - Waiting This Way / Find Out [Single] (1982)
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    Artist: Jester
    Release: Waiting This Way/Find Out 7" [single]
    Genre: Hard Rock/AOR/Heavy Metal
    Country: Canada
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Those of you who regularly view my posts will know that i always endeavour to provide some background information on the music i share.
    I figure that if you're anything like me that you'll enjoy reading the back story behind the bands and their releases, and if your comments are anything to go by then that appears to be the case.
    Every once in a while however i come across a band or release that leaves me stumped as i can find out next to nothing about them.
    This is the case with this record, the sole (?) release by Canada's JESTER.
    This Jester is no relation, as far as i can tell, to either the Montreal Hard Rock band of that name, (despite what Metal Archives says), or the Prog/AOR outfit from Ontario who also bear the Jester monicker.
    Here's what i do know: this 45 was released in 1981 on the Kollato Records label, and it goes for a pretty penny now.
    The last auction i could find saw this slab o' wax go for the better part of $200 dollars!
    So is it worth it, i hear you ask?
    Well, as ever that all depends on your tastes, and your bank balance.
    To me, it's a tale of two sides.
    The A-side, "Waiting This Way", is, by some distance, the more commercial song of the pair, bending over backwards for a little airplay.
    It's very well done for a private pressing from the era, with some mighty fine guitar work lifting it above the average, but it is a little too lightweight for my liking.
    The flipside however, is the real ace in the Jester brace.
    "Find Out", is a cracking little Rocker, which sounds to me like they were aiming for "Earthshaker" era Y & T, with some prime ACE FREHLEY guitar pyrotechnics sprinkled over the top.
    This being a 1981 private pressing however, the budget and production conspire to give us something a little different, but no less tasty.
    The guitarist could certainly spank that plank, and the song gels really well, getting lodged in your grey matter for ages.
    So on balance, i'd give the A-side a solid C, with the flip earning itself a very enjoyable B+.
    Anyone know any more about this bunch?
    01. Waiting This Way
    02. Find Out

    no pw

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    Thanks for sharing this amazing 7" \m/.

    This was what I could find on the net about the band...

    Known Members: Chuck Kollatos - Guitar? (Kilroy, Pylis/Image, 4th Syndicate, 7th Sign,
    Location: Brantford, Ontario, CA

    Chuck Kollatos, born in Greece are today active in the band 7TH SIGN.


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