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    Artist:     Blind Taxi
    Release: Blind Taxi [ep] (1987)
    Genre:    AoR/Hard Rock
    Country: USA (Charlotte, North Carolina)
    Bitrate:   cbr320
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    Self-released as 12" EP (Cat#: 47506).
    Recorded & mixed at Reflection Sound Studios.

    Requested by Strappado.

    Rod Honeycutt = Vocals (lead)
    Chris Manley = Guitars, Vocals (backing)
    Larry Tobias = Guitars, Vocals (backing)
    Chuck Lilly = Bass, Vocals (backing)
    Bert Voswinkel = Drums
    Brian Hall = Keyboard, Vocals (backing)
    01.  A Thing or two  (03:50)
    02.  Stay tonight  (03:44)
    03.  The Jokes on You  (03:54)
    04.  I still want You  (04:21)
    05.  Stranger  (04:43)

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    Seems like they were from Charlotte, NC

    https://www.facebook.com/pg/Blind-Taxi- ... e_internal


    "Blind Taxi" began in early 1983 with a group of friends from Garinger High School in Charlotte, NC who wanted to make music and have some fun. In the basement of Bert Voswinkel Sr., the band "Detour" was formed which included Jeff Drury on vocals, David Greene on bass, Chris Manley on guitars and Bert Voswinkel Jr. on drums. After some practice and a quick vocalist change to Dwayne Lyles due to illness, "Detour" hit the stage at the local school and became a surprising success. Due to growing popularity, the guys played surrounding schools,events and battle of the bands polishing their sound and stage appearance. These early "Detour" years continued, with a bass player change to Kelly Foxx. After H.S. graduation the band broke up with everyone starting new lives. Chris and Bert remained friends and wanted to continue playing music post "Detour". With the recruitment of local musicians Bobby Shirley on bass, Brian Hall on keyboards and Rodney Honeycutt on lead vocals, a new original sound began to form, along with a new band name "Dirty Trixx". After playing a few shows and developing some original material, the band added guitarist Larry Tobias and changed the name to "BLIND TAXI" (circa 1986) on the idea of "not knowing where this musical journey would take us". With the financial and management support of Bert Voswinkel Sr., the band began the task of recording some of the original material in development. The Blind Taxi EP, recorded at Reflections Sound Studios in Charlotte, NC was a 6 month process with help from producer Jamie Hoover and engineer Mark Williams of OVO Productions. This studio, which recorded the likes of REM, Robert Plant, Joe Walsh and Whitney Houston, helped craft the "Blind Taxi" sound with what was "hot" at the time. With the release of the EP in late 1987 the band began the push for wider exposure and quickly gained attention from record labels. "Blind Taxi" began playing larger venues around the region, even becoming finalist for a local WRFX rock station/regional music store Reliable Music band contest, which earned them greater respect and popularity. Due to increased playing and travel demands the band recruited Chuck Lilly for bass duties and set the stage for an East coast tour. The Blind Taxi EP started to receive regional airplay attracting the attention of "ShowTime" booking agency of Raleigh, NC to assist with multistate shows. With the continued financial and management support of Bert Sr., the band acquired a full sound and light show, along with transportation, making each performance a special and exciting event. With the help of road manager Korky Mann, along with some professional sound and light technicians, "Blind Taxi" developed into a tight, powerhouse band headlining shows in large venues along the East coast. They opened for bands like Kix and Steppenwolf and hosted one of Jacksonville, Florida's largest New Year's Eve shows during the Orange Bowl in 1988. Unfortunately, as 1990 approached, the music trend changed rapidly, and though "Blind Taxi" had developed a large following with regional airplay, the band broke up. This lead to a touring hiatus and a couple of band member changes in order to find a fit for more local shows. With band members relocating - Chris and Rodney moved to the West coast to continue in the music industry, while Brian and Larry moved out of town for other career changes - Bert maintained the "Blind Taxi" band. He recruited top notch local players for recording and performing live shows. One of the "Blind Taxi" line-ups, which included Kelly Childers on bass, Todd Miller on guitar, Gary Pettus on vocals and Bert Voswinkel Jr. on drums recorded a few songs for an upcoming project and featured a song "All over you". This track received international attention in Kerrang magazine. The guys opened for bands such as Foghat and Cinderella while also headlining large venues. The final line-up of "Blind Taxi" in the early 1990's featured Todd Drye on vocals, Doyle Moore on bass, Todd Miller on guitar and Bert Voswinkel Jr. on drums. This band mainly played covers (Pink Floyd, Rush, Beatles, etc.), but started working on some original material. They also played large clubs and events, opening for such bands as Kings X and Jackyl. After 7 years of rocking thousands of fans, 1992 saw the end of the "Blind Taxi" band with all final members starting separate successful music ventures and careers. Today the surviving original "Blind Taxi" EP band line up is still working in the entertainment/music industry, as well as other industries while remaining friends. Perhaps due to revised interest of 1980's music, "Blind Taxi" has recently received much attention on-line, including thousands of views on YouTube. With a catalog of unrecorded material available, who knows what lies ahead for this unknown destination, we call "BLIND TAXI"!

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