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    Artist: Harpo
    Release: Armed To Deliver (1987)
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 192 kbps
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    HARPO - Armed To Deliver (1987) USA
    Atlas Records ... dfrunt.jpg

    01. When I Bleed
    02. It Don't Come Easy
    03. Long Time Comin'
    04. Gas House Alley Rock
    05. Heart's Cold
    06. Into the Night
    07. Miss Her Love
    08. Armed To Deliver

    Billy Kerstetter - Vocals & Bass (SUCKER PUNCH)
    Chris Silvagni - Guitar (SUCKER PUNCH)
    John "Lloyd" Kistner - Vocals & Keyboards
    Rich Smith - Drums

    HARPO were a terrific Hard Rock outfit from Sunbury, Pennsylvania formed way back in 1974.
    Their 1981 self-titled debut Mini Album on Mallard Records found favour within the Pomp Rock collector fraternity thanks to the classic track "Rendezvous" that clocks in at 8 minutes and truly is worthy of a place in your collection. The rest of the songs are shorter, more streamlined and rock harder, all great in their own right, but the aforementioned track is something truly special.
    On Harpo went, but they were not to record their first full length album until 1987, when "Armed To Deliver" was issued by Atlas Records.
    This is a harder collection of songs, but there's still space for Harpo to show their subtler side here and there.
    The new album captured the attention of EMI and Polygram Records with EMI deciding to take a trip to Scranton to see the band a second time.
    Harpo seemed on the verge of getting signed to a major record label when tragedy struck. Lead vocalist John "Lloyd" Kistner was involved in a very serious auto accident when he was struck head-on by a drunk driver on Christmas Eve, 1988.
    After a year of extensive physical therapy, the tenacious Kistner was again ready to rock.
    Before releasing a six song Mini LP entitled "Fire Your Fire" ; Harpo added a new drummer, Rich Smith, from Williamsport, PA.
    Together with original members Kerstetter and Kistner, Harpo were, once again, heading in the right direction.
    It then took until 1992 for their next album to appear, "Too Much Is Just Enough".
    This one was a bit of a mish-mash, collecting five new songs and compiling tracks from their first 2 releases for their CD debut.
    By the time of 1996's "Smokin' Gun", Harpo had become a far heavier proposition, but there's style and finesse in abundance beneath all the bluster.
    The band's most recent release, 1997's "Harpo Live - Go Heavy Or Go Home!", finds drummer Kyle Gilbert replacing Rich Smith, with the band in blinding live form in front of a partisan home town crowd playing 4 brand new tracks as well as their live hits.
    The band played their final gig on New Year's Eve 1998, and sadly, that was pretty much it for Harpo.
    These days Kerstetter and Silvagni make their living by playing a mixture of classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal covers in the band SUCKER PUNCH and occasionally reunite to play a full scale gig with their former band mates as Harpo, reviving their old "hits".

    art & txt included

    Thanks to VardisRules for this new link (320kbps vinyl rip)
    Alternatively, if a 192 kbps digital rip will suffice, or if Crocko doesn't work in your area but 4shared does:
    This link courtesy of jasonkont, thanks!
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    Living in PA, I used to see these guys all the back in the 80's.
    It's great to see some who remember them \m/
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    New lossless links for this release can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=16104
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    I came across this shirt last week at a thrift shop. Hadn't thought of this band in a while and though I never actually got a chance to see them play live I do remember their name being in the newspaper in the clubs section and seeing this logo a lot. Didn't know this shirt was from 1987 until I did a Google search and found this forum. Figured I'd share the find on here since some fans are in here. Hit me in messaging if you need this or want this for your collection. Enjoy..
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    for those few who cannot transform the lossless files still available into mp3's I uploaded the 192kbps version again...
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