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    Artist: Heaven's Edge
    Release: Heaven's Edge
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Country: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , E.U
    Bitrate: 192 Kbps
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    Heavens Edge formed in 1987 in Philadelphia and was founded by guitarist Reggie Wu and singer Mark Evans. The band went through several guitar player changes in its earlier days. Heaven's Edge released 2 albums: Heavens Edge (1990) for Columbia Records, that reached number 141 on The Billboard 200, and Some Other Place Some Other Time (1999) on MTM. Heavens Edge was produced by Neil Kernon. The band released a music video for their most popular single, "Skin To Skin". During recording of their second album, also with producer Neil Kernon Heaven's Edge signed a new record deal with MTM Records in 1998 and were asked to record a new album. The album was originally scheduled to be released in 1992 but wasn't finished until 1998 when a couple of new songs were written and recorded. Their second album, Some Other Place, Some Other Time included both the 2nd album sessions with Neil Kernon and the new 1998 songs, and was released by MTM Music in Europe, Pony Canyon in Japan, and Perris Records in the United States. The US version had a different cover and six additional demo tracks as bonus. A year after the album's release, Heaven's Edge was asked to record a song for the Mötley Crüe "Kickstart My Heart Tribute Album". The band recorded a cover of "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)"

    One night while performing at the Empire Rock Club in Philadelphia, the bassist George "G.G." Guidotti was shot in the abdomen by a disgruntled bar patron angry about being turned away by the club bouncer.

    After the band split, some of the band members formed the band American Pie with a new singer. American Pie recorded three demo's(Red) (White) (Blue) and played live but never released an official album.

    In October 2013, a reunited Heaven's Edge played the Firefest festival in Nottingham, UK, a sold out show in Philly at World Cafe as well as the M3 Festival in MD and MelodicRock Fest in Chicago in 2014. 2015 they will be on the Monsters of Rock Cruise.
    2.Play Dirty
    3.Skin To Skin
    4.Find Another Way
    5.Up Against The Wall
    6.Hold On To Tonight
    7.Can't Catch Me
    8.Bad Reputation
    9.Daddy's Little Girl
    10.Is That All You Want?
    11.Come Play The Game
    12.Don't Stop, Don't Go
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