Albums [Hard Rock] » Simone Valeo (Ita) - Nuoce Gravemente Alla Salute (1996)
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    Artist: Simone Valeo
    Country: Italy (Parma)
    Genre: Hard Rock
    Title: Nuoce Gravemente Alla salute
    Format: CD
    Year: 1996
    Label: Psycho Records #74321 29227 2
    Mp3 - 320 kbps
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    Info by nonseinormale65:

    Simone Valeo is an italian rock singer whose career
    was ruined by this excellent album...the one and only
    he has ever 1996 when he released it
    for the small italian label Psycho Records (distributed
    by the major BMG ) suffered the ostracism of his same
    label...surely his italian lyrics weren't politically
    correct but actually his only "fault" was his attack against
    the italian tycoon and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
    (owner of a TV network,newspapers,bank,football team
    AC Milan etc. etc.)in the song "Paperone" (in Italy
    Paperone matches Uncle Scrooge or Scrooge McDuck,a well
    known character of the Disney's world),after the
    official release,under the pressure made by the circle of
    the politician only few copies reached music shops and
    actually almost all the cd copies in stock were destroyed...
    what is worse Simone Valeo's career was nipped in the bud,
    no other labels offered a new deal and the promoters closed him
    all the doors...only few remembers of him here in Italy
    (you won't find any info in the web)and the album is almost
    impossible to find (my copy is a promo sent me when i used
    to run a radio program in the past),so he found a daily job
    and from time to time sings in some tribute bands...

    I've uploaded on my youtube channel the title track
    of the album just in case you would like to hear it
    before downloading:

    Line up:

    Simone Valeo - lead vocals
    Pierluigi Ferrari - guitar
    Geppi Frattali - bass
    Andrea Gè - drums

    Davide Civaschi (as guest) - guitar solo on ***

    Produced by Massimo Riva


    1 - Dioduro
    2 - Nuoce Gravemente Alla Salute
    3 - Bestie ***
    4 - La Mia Vita
    5 - Grande Troia
    6 - Paperone
    7 - Mamma Sono Uno Zombie
    8 - Razza Maiala
    9 - Continua A Muoverti
    "Solo i Morti Hanno Visto La Fine Della Guerra - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War.”
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    nonseinormale65..produced by massimo riva..vasco rossi and steve rogers band??? sorry for my english

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