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    Artist:Manitou (NOR)
    Album:[/color][color=#ffffff] Desert Storms Demo
    Released: 1990
    Country: Norway
    Bitrate: 320
    Hidden Link
    No cover available, this shown here is made by sanctum.

    A bit of "His Story": sanctum was on Holiday in Oslo, when he was approached by someone, who ask: "Do you like Metal? Then you might like this:" and gave him a tape. "Well, I'm not into death-metal" "No,no, some people compare us with Fates Warning" and went away. Well unknown stranger, heartfelt thanks for this gift of genius, too bad there wasn't even a contact-adress on the tape, I would 've ordered my own copy. This demo is without doubt among absolut best Progressive Metal Demos of all times. I prefer it even to the later CD "Entrance", because it has the warmer, more organic sound!

    Tom Erik Erikson - Bass
    Per Bertrand Aanonsen - Drums
    Ole P. Fredriksen - Guitars
    Jan Schulze - Guitars
    Øyvind Hægeland - Vocals (later Spiral Architect, Scariot and others)
    1. Toward the Rising Sun
    2. Where Madness Dwells
    3. When Silence Descends
    4. Desert Storms
    5. The Vale of Sleep
    6. Sea of Sorrow
    If any of my posts is broken down, contact me directly by PM
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    Wow! I have to download this!

    I have downloaded "Entrance" before and liked it very much, so I bought the CD while living in Japan last year (I found a great heavy metal CD store in Tokyo which unfortunately closed down late last year).

    Long time no see, Boring Oldfart. I haven't found much new stuff. Well, I've bought all of Event's CD's on Ebay after listening to them on Youtube. Hopefully they'll arrive soon. I think I'll rip them and post them here when I have time.
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    STRAPPADO,SANCTUM ,BORING OLD FART ,many thanx to you all for this superb and rare demo! I love their "ENTRANCE(CD)" and hunted this demo in vain for years! I agree with you about this demo's excellence,SPIRAL ARCHITECT's demo is also great i believe!Be praised you all for this awesome Christmas gift!Cold beers to you and metallic salutations from Hellas! porosimetal

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    Original cover + 2 unreleased tracks (from the same recording session).
    Some info here: ... #more-2355

    "The Halls"

    "Shadows of Ruins"

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    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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