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    Artist: Vengeance Rising
    Release: Vengeance (Demo) 1987
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Country: Los Angeles, California, US
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    The band was known for its fascination with violent themes, as reflected lyrically in their first two albums.[2] Their first two albums, before the split into Die Happy, are considered their best. Their debut Human Sacrifice was called "the most radical Christian album ever released" by HM Magazine editor Doug Van Pelt.[6] Their penchant for violence extended to the stage, and the band would graphically portray the crucifixion of at their shows.[1] Extreme graphics also appeared in the cover art of the band's albums. Both Human Sacrifice and Once Dead were pulled from some Christian book sellers at least partially because of their violent graphical content.[7][8]

    A review of Once Dead in CCM found that the cover of that albums depiction of "resurrection from spiritual death" was "grisly".[9] Musically, the album showed an influence of speed metal, with thrash arrangements on some songs, like the cover of Deep Purple's Space Truckin',[9] and "Out of the Will", which reminded one reviewer of One Bad Pig.[10] While the vocals often sounded "like someone gargling razor blades",[10] the lyrics were found to be "very Bible based,"[10] and matched with the scriptural references from which they were drawn.[9]

    Frontman Roger Martinez had a background in the Pentecostal Foursquare Church, and was baptized there.[2][11] He eventually rose to be pastor of a Hollywood area church, though by Released Upon the Earth he had left to pursue music full time.[2] While there, he began to look into the practice of faith healing, and he claimed to have found it to be a fraud.[11]

    In the mid 1990s, Martinez left the Christian faith, telling HM that he was a committed atheist in 1997.[2] Today, Martinez has obtained rights to the band name for future projects. According to Scott Waters and Steve Rowe, Martinez began to make tapes counteracting the tapes he made during his Christian career. He created a website that renounced his previous output and posted articles portraying Christian leaders in a negative light. Martinez then began making death threats to individuals he claimed "stabbed him in the back", which included friend Steve Rowe of Mortification, a band Martinez helped get their first record contract.

    Although he has stated that he is currently working on future material to be released under the name "Vengeance Rising" with more of an anti-Christian, Satanic Atheism theme,[2][11] no albums have been released. Vocalist Scott Waters of Ultimatum and "Once Dead" stated on his metal music review website that "Allmusic lists two releases... both of which I doubt ever existed... Former drummer Shannon Frye claims that Martinez was impossible to work with and could not hold on to members long enough to even record a demo". He also claims that Martinez only kept the name of Vengeance Rising because of "continued curiosity from metal fans and Christians alike".[citation needed]

    After the September 11, 2001 attacks occurred, Martinez offered free albums from his website for military personnel to encourage a "holy war against Christians". Former fans and critics believe this to be an attack on former bandmates and Christianity, due to the straining situation of debt that he was left with when band members departed after the "Once Dead Tour".[citation needed]

    Former founding members of Vengeance Rising along with Ultimatum vocalist Scott Waters reformed in 2004 to play a reunion show at a small club called Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California.[citation needed] Since Martinez owns the rights to the name "Vengeance Rising," they used the name Once Dead. They released a DVD of that show called Return with a Vengeance.[citation needed]
    1. White Throne
    2. He Is God
    3. Salvation
    4. Human Sacrifice
    5. Beheaded
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    Pretty sure this was a 1988 demo, as I've seen copies on eBay and examined the covers.
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    until you cite sources, and show proof, I am not going to trust one word of your info or what you say about 1980s releases.
    You have been writing a book about 1980s bands/demo tapes for 5 years? You do not have footnotes ?

    Somebody once gave me this tape as he didn't like "christian metal" after it was given to him in (January?) early 1988, so if it was sent from California, then being dubbed and handed out for free by Christian metalheads in front of a gig at a bar (Rock 'N Roll Heaven)(across the continent) in Canada, before February or March 1988 (when I got it), that's pretty amazing... unless, it was released in 1987.
    White Throne magazine issue # 3, Fall 1987
    Vengeance Interview and demo review ... 1997427785 ... 7675.l2557

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