Singles [NWOBHM] » Metal Mirror (UK) - Rock an' Roll Ain't Never Gonna Leave Us [Single] (1980)
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    Artist: Metal Mirror
    Release: Rock An' Roll Ain't Never Gonna Leave Us (7" single) [1980]
    Genre: NWOBHM
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 320
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    Info: Metal Mirror were formed in the county of Middlesex in 1979, at the height of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. One year later, they released one of the most legendary 7" singles of the whole period, namely "Rock & Roll ain't never gonna leave us" (with "English Booze" on the B-Side) on the M+M Records label. Expert Malc Macmillan remarked in his book "The N.W.O.B.H.M. Encyclopedia" (I.P. Publishing, Berlin, Germany, 2001): "The record remains a rare and sought-after item, and has, in terms of value, now been in the ‚three figure club' for quite a long time." This does have a reason, as singer Cameron Vegas explains: "There were only 1,000 singles pressed. But I know for a fact that over 300 were accidentally destroyed." Before disbanding in 1982, Metal Mirror only ever played about 30 live shows (the tracks for "Live in London" were recorded on June 15th 1981, at Dingwalls Club). It was one specific gig which Cameron remembers very well indeed, due to the sheer number of Metal Mirror fans present: "The ‚Talk of the Abbey', in Neath, South Wales, had about 1,000. I think that was the biggest."

    METAL MIRROR had the track 'Hard Life' on the 'Heavy Metal Heroes' compilation album in 1980, the 7" single 'Rock n' Roll Ain't Never Gonna Leave' emerging the same year. Vocalist CAMERON VEGAS (a.k.a. Cameron Vagges) later released two solo albums. Drummer Ian Thompson journeyed through Sunderland's BATTLEAXE, DARK HEART and AOR band CHANGE OF HEART. Another previous METAL MIRROR drummer Mick Green joined Progressive Rock act PALI GAP in 1984. Guitarist Chris Haggerty passed away in 2004.

    METAL MIRROR made a surprise return in early 2006 on the back of an archive live album, recorded in London during 1981. New recruits into the fold would be NWoBHM veterans Benjamin Reio Franklyn of PRAYING MANTIS repute on drums and guitarist Andy Barnett of URCHIN, A.S.A.P., FM and BROADWAY BRATS. ... al%20Mirro
    1. Rock An' Roll Ain't Never Gonna Leave Us
    2. (Living On) English Booze
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