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    Artist: Smart
    Release: This Time / Mr. Right, Single 1982
    Label: Complex Records #CPX 001
    Genre: Hard Rock / NWOBHM
    Country: UK (London and South East)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Reupload request. Thanks to nwobhmgr for rip.

    David "Dave" Martin - Vocals, Guitar (Chelsea)
    John Pilka - Guitar
    Jeff "Geoff Myles" Piccinini - Bass (Chelsea, Stormtrooper, Revenant, Merciful, Rovanna & the Ravens)
    Roger Travis - Drums

    The Smart were formed by former Chelsea band mates, David Martin(vocals/ guitarist) and Geoff Myles (bassist) in May of 1980 along with two other original members, John Pilka (guitarist) and Roger Travis (drummer). A demo of 4 songs was first recorded in July at Suma Studios just off the Kings Road in London. The songs from that session were: “If I Dream”, “Animal Farm”, “Silhouttes & Shapers”, “Tokyo Charlie”, “Gentleman Jim” and “Sergeant Major”, and was enough to get some gigs under their belt leading to their first mini tour of the UK opening for UFO. Jack Barrie and Simon White signed the Smart to a 6 month production deal with the Marquee Club. This led to new demo recordings at the Marquee Studios where the band recorded the following: “Fantasy Department”, “If I Dream”, “Tokyo”, “Purple Smiles” and “Genetic Man”.

    After these demos failed to secure a deal, the band signed to Sidewalk Artistes Services Management headed by David Panton, the band’s new manager. The Smart soon recorded a new demo at the Townhouse that featured 3 songs: “Tora Tora”, ‘If I Dream” and “Mr. Right” which featured on their debut single that also included a song by Cherie Curie of the Runaways entitled “This Time”. Both of these sessions were produced by Mike Thorne who had just come off from a hit produced record, “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell. The band got a lucky break in 1983 when they were selected to be the opening act for Joan Jett & The Blackheart’s “I Love Rock’n’Roll” tour and this immediately opened the door for the band to begin touring the US, going on many 2 month tours that found them opening for bands such at Lords of the New Church, The Producers, The Fixx, OMD and rock legend Iggy Pop, the high point of their US tours.

    At the end of the first US tour the band parted company with Roger Travis who was replaced by Mark Freeman, the former drummer of WIld Willy Barrett and John Otway. Another US tour completed and the band replaced guitarist John Pilka with former Chelsea band mate James Stevenson recently of the Kim Wylde band and Generation X's last lineup. Now with a finely tuned band the next step was to record an album. Manager David Panton secured producers Jon Astley and Phil Chapman to record the band’s debut album at Revolution Studios in Manchester in November of 1983. They then went back on tour in the US hoping to secure a major recording deal, but the band imploded after a summer tour. A year later the band reformed to record the song “Power”, but the demise of the band had already gone too far.

    For 25 years the album sat on the floor never seeing the light of day until Retro Records received a copy of the album that had been remastered by Geoff Myles from a cassette copy of the master, as the master tapes had been destroyed in a basement flood at Nomis Studios where the band had been headquarted for the past few years. Additionally from the archives 4 live shows from the last US tour were also digitally remasterd by Geoff Myles from cassette tapes!
    1. This Time
    2. Mr. Right
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