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    Artist: Tobruk
    Release: Falling / Like Lightning, Single 1985
    Label: Parlophone #R 6093
    Genre: Melodic / Hard Rock / NWOBHM
    Country: UK (Bedford)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Reupload request. Thanks to Oeb Madskull for rip.

    Info from Musicmight:
    Birmingham melodic Hard Rock act groomed for success by heavyweight management and record label. Unfortunately the band's debut failed to live up to expectations. Although coming to prominence in the midst of the NWoBHM era, Birmingham's TOBRUK presented a more refined and distinctly melodic version of Rock than many of their counterparts. The band formed in 1981 as TOBRUK was essentially the second incarnation of the band, the original having merged with another Bedford based group called STRANGER. At the time STRANGER comprised vocalist Snake (a.k.a. Stuart Neale), guitarist Nigel Evans, drummer Tim Bryant and keyboard player Jem Davies. The new incarnation of TOBRUK debuted with a line-up of Snake, Evans, Davies, guitarist Mick Newman and drummer Alan Vallance. As the band progressed a fresh rhythm section was pulled in, with drummer Eddie Fincher and bassist Mick Brown joining the fray. The deposed Alan Vallance was to make his presence known later in SONS OF EDEN and PROTEUS. Relocating to Birmingham, the band secured management and began the task of serious gigging and promoting a debut single, 'Wild On The Run', released on Neat Records in 1983.

    TOBRUK signed to major label EMI Records in 1984 after their management hired the Birmingham Odeon for a showcase and stuffed it full of a major lightrig and stageset. This wasn't actually difficult seeing as TOBRUK were managed by Light and Sound Design. The band undertook a small club tour prior to some dates with DIAMOND HEAD before heading off to North America to record their debut album, coincidentally titled 'Wild On The Run', with producer Lance Quinn. Dates to promote the album included support tours with MANOWAR and UFO. After dissapointing sales, TOBRUK had split with EMI by 1987 and a second album, 'Pleasure And Pain', surfaced through Wolverhampton independent concern FM Revolver. With this step down on the career ladder it wouldn't be long before divisions occurred in the ranks. Following Snake and Eddie Fincher's departure to IDOL RICH the band recorded demos later with ex-THE ALLIANCE vocalist TONY MARTIN, who subsequently went on to join BLACK SABBATH, but they did not result in a new deal.

    Post TOBRUK Snake was also a member of an early THE WILDHEARTS line-up but left before recording, whilst Jem Davies forged MIDNIGHT BLUE with Fincher and later joined UFO for the 'High Stakes And Dangerous Men' world tour before stints with PRAYING MANTIS and FM. The keyboard player worked with Pop band SHRUNK, yet is still infamous for an appearance with members of his family on BBC 1's 'Telly Addicts' game show. Phoenix Music would issue the TOBRUK retrospective 'Recaptured' in 2001 compiling rare tracks, singles and even video footage. The same year would witness a CD resurrection for 'Wild On The Run' too courtesy of Rip Tide Records. Snake passed away from congestive heart failure on December 20th 2006.

    Stuart "Snake" Neale - Vocals (Idol Rich, Stranger, The Wildhearts) R.I.P.
    Nigel Evans - Guitar (Stranger)
    Mike "Mick" Newman - Guitar
    Mike Brown - Bass (Crushed)
    Eddie Fincher - Drums
    Jem Davis - Keyboards (Stranger, UFO, Ice, Sack Trick, Chain, Midnight Blue, Shrunk, So!)
    1. Falling
    2. Like Lightning
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