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    Artist: High Tide
    Release: Sea Shanties (2006 remastered edition with demos and bonus tracks)
    Date: Recorded in 1969, Tracks 1-6 released in 1969
    Genre: Psychedelic/Prog-Rock, Progressive Folk, Proto-Metal
    Country: England
    Bitrate: 320kbps



    Roger Hadden - drums
    Tony Hill - guitar, vocals
    Simon House - violin, organ
    Peter Pavli - bass



    "Death Warmed Up" (best song title for an instrumental ever!) by High Tide, from the album Sea Shanties.
    There's no other name more suitable to this song. Even the band name and the album name plus the fitting album art is reflected in the music. As you listen to the heavier than thou guitar distorted in reverb like no other dueling with a wailing electric violin which doesn't want to play second fiddle (and it doesn't!) with a bass tuned uniquely like a cello providing support with bombastic drums pounding away, your mind fills with images of a stormy sea in high tide, the nautical incarnation of death itself, getting warmed up! (metal1)
    Imagine the intro of Iron Maiden's 'Wrathchild' done in a very 'eavy but not very 'umble doom metal fashion with more atmosphere and the volume cranked up to eleven. That is how this song's intro sounds.
    This song is definitely metal, not hard rock even in the slightest.. way too heavy to be just heavy rock, this is pure metal that just doesn't fit in any conventional sub-genre.. Can be proto-folk metal, proto-prog metal, proto-doom, even proto-symphonic metal. If I were to name it's genre, I'd call it 'nautical metal', somewhat comparable to Running Wild's 'Riding the Storm' (specially the intro), as both songs evoke images of a stormy sea.. But High Tide does it way better! And this was in 1969!
    This is my favourite track in the album. There's no other quite like this, but that doesn't mean that the other tracks suck in anyway. My second favourite, 'Futililist's Lament' showed me how an electric violin can make an otherwise heavy riff sound even heavier, sounds unbelievable, right?
    There's also a bit of variation in the tracks. Some songs have the softness of the then dying 60s psychedelic rock. Others (like the bonus tracks recorded in the same year) are even more progressive. 'The Great Universal Protection Racket' starts with pure doom metal before it starts morphing (the doom metal parts return and are spread out through out the song with it finally ending really heavy and chaotic). The intro of the last track, 'Time Gauges', has an oriental (south-east Asian) feel though the song doesn't stay the same. All in all, all tracks are great, there isn't even a single filler song here. Even the demos are good and shows different versions of some of the songs; the demo version of 'Death Warmed Up' is a faster version though the violins were better in the other version. I'd rate all songs (except one) with 4 out of 5 stars, with 'Death Warmed Up' getting a perfect score.
    I actually planned to write just a few words to describe this album, but now it seems like that even all of the above words aren't enough. :P



    For more info check these links out. I didn't write anything about the band and it's members because all that info is available in the pics above and the links below. I don't like allmusic reviews but they've got some good info regarding the band, so check it all out.

    Wikipedia page of band: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Tide_%28band%29
    Allmusic band bio: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/high-tide-mn0000822466
    Wikipedia page of album: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Shanti ... e_album%29
    Allmusic album review: http://www.allmusic.com/album/sea-shanties-mw0000347874
    Tony Hill interview: http://www.furious.com/perfect/tonyhill.html
    Tony Hill's website (just a bio page?): http://www.tonyhillsfiction.co.uk/


    All tracks written by Tony Hill except where noted.

    1. Futilist's Lament
    2. Death Warmed Up
    3. Pushed, But Not Forgotten
    4. Walking Down Their Outlook
    5. Missing Out
    6. Nowhere (Roger Hadden, Simon House)
    7. The Great Universal Protection Racket (bonus)
    8. Dilemma (bonus)
    9. Death Warmed Up (demo)
    10. Pushed, But Not Forgotten (demo)
    11. Time Gauges (bonus)


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