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Hello friends, you know that nowadays concerts are part of the history of music, I want to know what rewards can give to be able to record a concert in an easy and economical way, which equipment should be used ?, in which place to be during the Concert ?, among other opinions they can give.

Thanks friends !!

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In the past i used cassette recorder,mini disc and now a Zoom Q3 HD(audio+video) ... if you don't want to spend lot of money there are many digital recorder
out there (new or used) for a cheap price(at least here in Italy/Europe,don't know if it's the same in your country),here are some good and not
so expensive recorder(only audio,not video:

Zoom - series H1 or H2

Tascam DR 05v2

Medeli DR2

Beware...don't buy "digital voice recorder" because they cut a lot of frequencies...they are not good for taping a concert.

Most of modern recorder allow you to choose if taping in mp3 or lossless format, remember to buy a capable card (i use a 16 GB,it's good when you tape
a festival with many bands as for Keep It True for example)

Better place for taping usually is close to the mixer desk in the middle of the venue ,anyway stay in the centre at about 10 meters from the stage.

Remember to control and set the recording level to avoid distortion when the show starts (some machines have this as an AUTO Function,some other not)...a good tip is to do it during the soundcheck or the opening band.

If possible...buy a recorder that has an input stereo,so you can connect it to the mixer desk,some bands (expecially in the underground scene)
allowe the fans to make soundboard recording!!!

Last but not least...the batteries...remember always to have enough of them when taping...

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I would pay attention to nonseinormale65's advice, as I have read on other forums that Zoom recording devices are the best to own.

the CHEAPEST recording device in the last decade was the Flip phone (forgot which brand of cell phone it was, approx.$100 in Canada at Walmart stores), it recorded video and sound very clearly, eg. some of the Sepulchre (Toronto death metal band) videos out there on forums / blogspots were recorded with a fliphone by his old wife) but the battery charge/ storage was only for 1, or 2, hours I think.

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