Singles [Heavy / Power] » Witchcraft (pre-Bloody Six) (Che) - Runnin' Away [Single] (1983)
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    Artist: Witchcraft
    Release: Runnin' Away 7" single 1983
    Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
    Country: Switzerland
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    WITCHCRAFT - Runnin' Away 7" (1983) Switzerland
    Musk Project Records MP 10-829
    01. Runnin' Away
    02. Dead End Street

    Peter McTanner (aka Peter Tanner) - Vocals (KROKUS, HEADHUNTER, THE HEAVYS, Mr. PERFECT, DC WORLD, AC/CD)
    Martin McTanner - Guitar, Harp & Vocals
    Def Meier - Guitar
    Fritz Hulliger - Bass
    Freddie Meier - Drums

    Swiss Heavy Metal sextet WITCHCRAFT were formed in the town of Wetzikon, Zurich in 1983.
    They debuted later that same year with the rare 7" single, "Runnin' Away", on Musk Project Records.
    Whilst the A-Side was a typical rocker in the SPIDER/Dr. FEELGOOD mould, it was the excellent flipside which made the record worthy of investigation.
    B side, "Dead End Street", is a slow burning mini-epic with some excellent guitar playing and vocals which bring to mind "In Your Face" era TKO.
    After this release Witchcraft changed their name to BLOODY SIX.
    In 1984 Bloody Six issued their lone album, "In The Name Of Blood", on Camel Records.
    The album attracted positive reviews with it's ACCEPT and JUDAS PRIEST blueprint enlivened with some great individual performances and strong songwriting.
    The Belgian Mausoleum label then picked up the album, and released it Europe wide in early 1985.
    To support the record's wider release, Bloody Six toured Europe that year as support to FAITHFUL BREATH.
    Vocalist Peter McTanner then joined HEADHUNTER, a band featuring ex-KILLER members for their lone eponymous 1985 album on the Bacillus label.
    This in turn sadly led to Bloody Six splitting up and going their separate ways.
    Guitarist Claudio Matteo went on to form the Hard Rock act CHINA in 1987 with former members of HEADHUNTER, KROKUS, KILLER and STORMBRINGER.
    With China, he recorded six albums between 1988 and 1995 and toured Europe extensively before their split.
    They occassionally reunite to play festival or club dates, but no new recordings have surfaced since '95.
    Former Bloody Six vocalist McTanner later dropped the 'Mc' from his surname and joined KROKUS for their 1990 album "Stampede".
    As Tanner he also contributed vocals to THE HEAVYS side project of Krokus guitarist Fernando Von Arb and keyboard player Jürg Naegeli.
    Tanner was later to be found fronting Mr. PERFECT, an act featuring former U.D.O., CRAAFT and SINNER members.
    By 2000 Tanner was in collusion with another ex-KROKUS vocalist Marc Storace issuing the DC WORLD eponymous album.
    Quite surreally the whole affair was a medley of AC/DC hits with Tanner aping the part of Brian Johnson whilst Storace handled the Bon Scott parts.
    Along with some other ex-Krokus and DC World members, Tanner now operates on the live circuit as tribute band AC/CD!

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