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    Artist: WalkAway
    Release: We'll Meet Again / I Believe In Love, Single 1990
    Label: SGV Records #SGV-S 8911
    Genre: Melodic Rock / AOR
    Country: Sweden (Köping)
    Bitrate: 320kbps (scans included)
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    Their one and only single on the SGV label (same as ANGELIZE, SECTION EIGHT, KINGS N' FOOLS, TALE, MAINLINE etc).

    WALKAWAY started out as a Melodic Rock / Metal band in Köping, they recorded several
    demo tracks and later became more AOR oriented on their 1990 single. This archive contains
    demo & live tracks + the single. Enjoy! (I recommend the 89 demo tracks!)

    Roger "Roy Bartello" Bertilsson - Vocals
    Tony "Tonna / Cool" Andersson - Bass
    Mikael "Mike Alley" Hörnlund - Guitar
    Tony K. "Shield" Sköld - Drums
    Johan "John GB Junior" Gullbo - Keyboards
    1. On The Run (Demo 1989)
    2. Dreamer (Demo 1989)
    3. We'll Meet Again (Ver. 1)
    4. Blue Skies
    5. Heaven Nr. 7
    6. Jealusy
    7. Temptations
    8. I Need To Know (Live 1989)
    9. Breaking Up (Live 1989)
    10. We'll Meet Again (Live 1989)
    11. We'll Meet Again (7" 1990)
    12. I Believe In Love (7" 1990)
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    STRAPPADO,after hearing most stuff from this archive that contains almost all of their recordings(I believe),I'm really amazed by their talent,their delivery(studio and live)and also by the quality of their compositions!Their 1989 demo contains 2 great melodic metal songs,up there in the same class as 220 VOLT,TREAT,ALIEN,early EUROPE!!!The single is excellent,mixing influences from the AOR field too!Catchy songs,memorable,yet very enjoyable by every metal head and not poppy at all!!The real treat here is the rarities file!!An album length of material(almost 40 min) and of very good sound quality too!!The lead guitarist delivers a scorching job throughout their material,live and studio,influenced by the greats(SCHENKER,BLACKMORE,G.MOORE)and believe it or not he's not that inferior from JOHN NORUM or TONY BORG for instance!!My faves are "DREAMER","HEAVEN No 7",'BLUE SKIES","I BELIEVE IN LOVE", but i enjoyed a lot all the others too!!!CHECK THEM OUT GUYS!!!Thanx again STAR STRAPPADO for all your search,for your work with the infos and the scans and for always delivering high quality sounding uploads and not to mention their rarity and exclusiveness!!CHEERS YOU TONS LOT!!! porosimetal

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