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    Artist: Cycle Sluts from Hell
    Release: Cycle Sluts from Hell (1991)
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: USA (New York)
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
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    Info: Though the name implied an all-girl group, in fact the band consisted of four female singers backed by an all-male band. The Cycle Sluts from Hell were an American heavy metal band from the late 1980s to early 1990s. They were only together briefly but are remembered for their name.
    The band comprised four women singing under the stage names Queen Vixen, She-Fire of Ice, Honey One Percenter and Venus Penis Crusher, backed by various musicians most notable among them Pete Lisa, Christopher Moffett, Tom Von Doom, Fernando Rosario, Brian Smith, Scott DuBoys, Bobby Gustafson (Overkill), Eddie Coen (Sick Of It All). The lyrics were written by the girls and were tongue-in-cheek and filled with innuendo. The music was written by Pete Lisa, Christopher Moffett and Tom Von Doom. With some credit going to the girls, although they did not play any instruments.
    The Group had a pretty high profile in the New York City area in the late 80's and performed shows with artists such as Jane's Addiction at The Cat Club, Danzig at The old Studio 54, Joey Ramone at the Ritz and also at the Palladium on 14th St. just to name a few.
    The band's self-titled debut album was their only release. The song "I Wish You Were a Beer" is their best known track, written by Honey 1%er and Tom Von Doom. The video clip for it got MTV airplay when released and still appears regularly around the world (e.g. Australia). The track also featured in the MTV show Beavis and Butthead, who reacted favorably to it. The band's biggest gig was a European tour with Motörhead in the early nineties.
    July 24, 2006 saw a "one time only" reunion of some of the original band at The Delancey in New York.

    1990 "Demo"
    Cycle Sluts from Hell Full-length 1991

    Tom Von Doom Bass See also: ex-The Great Kat
    Scott Duboys Drums See also: ex-Nuclear Assault, ex-Cities, ex-Von Hellsing
    Lord Roadkill Guitars
    Todd Schoonmaker Guitars
    Ash Gray Guitars
    Bobby Gustafson Guitars See also: ex-I4NI, ex-Overkill, ex-Response Negative, ex-Skrew, ex-Grip Inc.
    Chris Moffett Guitars
    Honey 1%er Vocals
    She Fire Ice Vocals
    Venus Penis Crusher Vocals
    Queen Vixen Vocals
    Nick Douglas Bass See also: Chris Caffery, Doro, ex-The Log, ex-Deadly Blessing (live), ex-Hittman, ex-Blaze (live)
    1. Conqueress 03:29
    2. By the Balls 03:17
    3. Queen High Love 05:04
    4. Dark Ships 04:19
    5. I Wish You Were a Beer 02:18
    6. Soul Taker 04:50
    7. E.R.K.S. 03:22
    8. Speed Queen 03:37
    9. Taste the Flesh 02:50
    10. Bad Ass Mama 02:51
    11. Bloodlust 03:20
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    JASON,thanks mate for this mp3 file!Very good MOTORHEAD inspired street metal,had it in a cdr copy,so your version with the scans and info-load is more than wellcomed!!CHEERS!!porosimetal
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    what was on the 1990 demo? they used to do a song called Cycle Sluts From Hell live...
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