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  • Artist: Mental Powers
    Release: Fantasy, 1987
    Genre: Melodic Metal
    Country: Greece
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Only a handfull of copies of this record was known, no infos or reviews could be found anywhere,
    and this was a really unknown and obscure release, a mystery even to the very few collectors that were aware of it's existence, and was considered to be one of the rarest metal records ever...
    The story is that it was privately pressed in 300 copies in 1987 and were about to be distributed by ''Interdealer'' but the factory that pressed this closed down a while after the records pressing, so a big amount of copies were held locked inside the factory's storage rooms for decades. For our sake, a few years ago those copies were found (in the garbage if i'm not mistaken, i assume that someone bought the place and got rid of whatever was inside) so the mystery was solved and these copies became available (they would be lost forever otherwise...). A lot of copies have been sold by that time but i think that every now and then appears a copy for a decent price for anyone that's interrested.
    Now to the music... First of all the production is weak (though i came to like it as it sounds very personal, strange and obscure) but i think it is expected as it is a Greek Metal record recorded in 1986/1987 (there were not appropriate equiped studios or specialized producers for a Heavy Hetal recording in Greece by the time, a problem also known in other countries). The band seems to be something like a solo prject of a guy called ''Ramos Alexiou'' that plays all the instruments and is responsible for all the music and the lyrics of the album. Mental Powers deliver Melodic, guitar oriented Metal with great harmonies, progressive/symphonic parts and nice atmospheres.
    Generally i like this record but others don't, so i suggest a listen before purchasing.

    01. Throw The Dice
    02. Fantasy
    03. Thoughts
    04. Dream On
    05. It's Only You
    06. I
    07. Something Goes On
    08. No One Wants

    Line Up:
    Ramos Alexiou - Lead And Rythm Guitars / Bass / Drums / Keyboards / Sound Effects
    Loucas Panourgias - Vocals
    ''...In war there's always loss, all victories have their cost
    But hope shall conquer hate, for light OPEN THE GATES...''
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    This is definitely the most obscure release coming from Greece...the title track is easily one of the best H.M songs of the 80's!! The other compositions range between good and overall it's a good effort considering that it was sef-financed! Killer artwork too!! I have found the vinyl in mint condition in records' bazaars in Athens from time to time at a price ranging from 70 to 150 euro. I think that Ramos Alexiou is still active and has another band called Timestamp or sth like that..
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    SINTEKNE DEMONHELLROGUES,thanx for this upload and the scans!I already had it,not the vinyl,but a cdr copy of it,considering it a fine piece of the HELLENIC HARD-METAL scene!It's a precious album ,rarity wise,i always loved the music too!!With a bigger production budget the outcome would be truly awesome! Excellent melodic metal music,great songs,good lead guitar work, good vocals...You have now the chance to hear and judge it ,thanx to DEMONHELLROGUES and STRAPPADO!Thumbs up,guys!! porosimetal
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    just a quick update on the price i mentioned before...i have found it on sale at a record store for 40 euro and of course i bought it!
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    Nice harmonies and melodies indeed. Thanks for upload.
    I write an amateur blog just for the sake of fun at:
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