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    Wolf - Roll Over (Japan Edition) (1991)
    Style : Heavy Metal
    Country : Japan
    Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
    Size : 137 mb[/color] ... Over/71173

    1. Standing with Shout 04:12
    2. Getting High Through the Night 03:47
    3. Cry of Silence 03:58
    4. Stay Close Tonight 04:32
    5. Running Forever 04:28
    6. Loving You 06:59
    7. The Shadow of a Shade 06:19
    8. Anyplace 05:45
    9. Realize 06:08
    10. Blue Flyer 05:49
    11. Night Walker 05:55

    + Video "The Shadow Of A Shade" (Live Video)

    Presenting one of the BEST Japanese HM acts you’ve probably NEVER heard…WOLF!!! Their name sure isn’t unique (there are two bands of the same name from Germany, and two more from the UK, plus the current Swedish outfit…at a minimum!!) but their music sure is!!!This is pure METAL, delivered with force in the tr00 Japanese style, by a band who was both ahead of their time, and behind it as well.This group formed in 1987 with the lineup of Matsumoto Tatsunori (vocals), Kuroki Masahiko (guitar), Seki Katsumi (bass) and Yamanami Takashi (drums). The release of their self-titled EP that same year showcased a band who would unceremoniously recall the energy and fire that their contemporaries of the time exhibited so proudly in the early-to-mid eighties. By 1987, many of those bands (ACTION, 44MAGNUM, and even LOUDNESS to name a few) had moved away from the early “fire” rock/HM standards they had been renowned for and had moved towards a more commercial rock/metal sound, with not as much “fire” as in previous years. A solid example of this: by this time, BOW WOW had become VOW WOW, a fantastic yet very different incarnation of the same band.WOLF were a throwback in their subscription to the epic and flawless attitude and sound of early 80s Japanese Metal as late as 1987. Particularly in the vocal and guitar department…Matsumoto’s genuine wails and Kuroki’s flamboyant, fantastic guitar leads solidified this influence in their music. The arrangement of these elements with the powerful, freight train rhythm section featured in this lineup produced a hybrid that would foreshadow the dawning of the next era of Japanese Metal yet to come…that of a more brutal, rhythmic, pounding metal with solid, structured riffs and raspy delivery; the kind of music that SABER TIGER and DOUBLE DEALER, to name a few, would exemplify a few years later. The dichotomy is REAL, some of this material will remind you of X-RAY and SABER TIGER simultaneously…this is very chilling and awesome to hear.A few years followed the EP release until 1990, when the band would unleash

    “Roll Over” in Colloseum Records. This is a collection of ‘early’ material, in preparation to showcase the band’s forthcoming “Some Aspects of the Moment” album with a new lineup. “Roll Over” features the lineup mentioned above and comprises of 4 tracks from their first demotape (tracks 1-4), 2 tracks from the EP (tracks 5 and 6), and 5 tracks from their second demotape (tracks 7-11). Many years later, “Running Forever” would be featured on Volume One of the “Japanese Heavy Metal Legends” omnibus, and is a stunning example of the prowess this band wielded during that long-gone era.

    Tatsunori Matsumoto: Vocals
    Masahiko Kuroki: Guitar
    Ken Nishikawa: Bass (Tracks 01-04)
    Katsumi Seki: Bass (Tracks 05-11)
    Noburo Horie: Drums (Tracks 01-04)
    Takashi Yamanami: Drums (Tracks 05-11)

    Remember! if You like the release, buy the original CD. Support the artists!

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    one of the best japanese heavy metal bands, total cult (evils) (evils) (evils) (evils)

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