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    Artist: The Plads
    Release: Domine Deus, 1983
    Label: R.D.A. Records #501
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: USA (Alaska)
    Bitrate: 192kbps
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    Share by Westrogoth, thanks a ton!

    Uploader Notes: Here is the great album by THE PLADS from Alaska. Some great obscure Heavy Metal
    with NWOBHM influences. Recorded and mixed at Sound City, Van Nuys, Californa.
    For more information and covers:
    Their 1982 single can be found here: The Plads - Calling Girls [Single] (1982)

    Kevin Henrickson - Vocals, Guitar
    Tom Ferry - Bass, Vocals (Black Ice, Crystal Rain, Day One)
    Alex Minnerly - Drums (on "Domine Deus", "Go to Hell" and "Things Look Different at Night").

    Tracks 1,3 and 6 Produced by Dino Archon and The Plads
    Tracks 2,4 and 5 Produced by Ray Leonard and The Plads
    1. Teenage Situation
    2. Domine Deus
    3. Amen
    4. Go To Hell
    5. Things Look Different At Night
    6. The Note
    7. Sukiyaki
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    Thanx westrogoth for this obscurity!Metal with lots of gothic -new wave influences(BAUHAUS,early SISTERS OF MERCY,and even THE CARS)especially the last songs!Very interesting!Enjoyed this rarity alot!Thanx alot! porosimetal
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    Hi I had this record , but unfortunately I lost it,

    could you please upload again
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    I’m from Ketchikan and an avid metal head.
    I Always look for metal records, and NEVER, find any and helping a friend sort through a storage unit he won in auction I came across this savage demon shredding on the guitar.
    “Yes this is Amazing!”
    Later I find the aingle and while looking at the single art my buddy says “hey I know that guy he’s my friend!”
    The next day I found the single In the pick and it is signed by all the members, then today, the third day in this series, Tom Ferry walks into the collectible shop to bs bill and bill said “this is him the one in the band! And I replied “I thought that’s who based off the picture awesome! Nice to re meet you as a rockstar!” -> humbly “I used to be” I’ve seen him around for years and met him previously, and got to tell him how happy I was to find an Alaskan metal album, talk about the tracks, vintage metal life (a church here burned one of their records)
    Also I told him I have a signed 45 by all of them and he said “wow we never signed anything that’s really rare” and he agreed to sign the Domine deus, and I’m going to have him sign the single again too <3 today was a reality shock for me.
    He gave me tips on learning vocals, and we talked about old equipment and stuff it was a really amazing and pure experience.
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