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  • Artist: Zarpa
    Release: Luchadores De La Paz 2002
    Label: Self Released CD
    Genre: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
    Country: Spain (Mislata, Valencia)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    ZARPA - Luchadores De La Paz (2002) Spain
    Self Released

    320 kbps

    01. La Señal
    02. Avad-Oh El Destructor
    03. Luchadores De La Paz
    04. Se Cumplen Las Profecias
    05. A Imagen Y Semejanza
    06. Las Hordas Del Mal
    07. Maquinas
    08. Sinfonia De La Revelacion
    09. En Tierra Santa
    10. J.S. Bach
    11. Akhenaton

    In 1977, 4 teenagers aged between 15 and 16 formed one of the first Heavy Metal bands in Spain in Mislata, Valencia which they called WOLFRAM.
    In late 1977 new drummer Javier Hervías joined, and after changing their name to ZARPA (which translates as "Claw"), in early 1978 they recorded their first LP, "Los 4 Jinetes Del Apocalypsis" ("The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse").
    By late 1979, the members of the band were obligated to undertake military service, and so released a demo entitled "Adictos Al Crimen" ("Addicted To Crime"), to keep the band's name alive whilst they served.
    In 1981 the band returned to action, focussing initially on live work by touring all over Spain.
    1982 saw the release of a new LP called "¿Ángeles O Demonios?" ("Angels And Demons"), on Xirivella Records label, a self-funded work recorded in just 24 hours.
    In 1984 the band released their next LP, "Herederos De Un Imperio" ("Heirs Of Empire"), on the larger Twins Records label.
    The album reached the national top 40 and Zarpa toured extensively and played several major festivals.
    In 1985 the group recorded a demo which was never released called "Progress".
    Zarpa toured Switzerland and France in 1987, and recorded their next LP in Geneva after recording a further demo, "En Ruta Hacia Europa" ("En Route To Europe").
    On completion of the recordings however, the band are so unhappy with the album that the recordings are discarded.
    In 1988, with the popularity of Heavy Metal on the wane in Spain, the group disbanded and the members went their separate ways.
    In 1992 Zarpa reconvened, recording the 5 song "Like A Locomotive" demo, but this is as far as their tentative reunion gets.
    In 2002 a new line up of Zarpa recorded another album called "Luchadores De La Paz" ("Fighters For Peace"), reintroducing the band to old and new fans alike.
    To celebrate the band's 25th anniversary, the following year saw the release of three (yes, three!) live albums, "En Vivo En Grilly", "En Vivo Sala Canaan" and "En Vivo Sala Garage".
    With the release finally of the previously abandoned 1987 "En Ruta Hacia Europa", album (albeit in remixed and partially re-recorded form), coming in 2004, Zarpa signed with the German Karthago Records label and then released a brand new album called "Infierno" ("Hell").
    This was the best time for Zarpa since the golden age of the group, with main man Vicente having finally found the ideal band members to realize his ever evolving musical vision.
    Inspired by the resurgence of interest in Zarpa, 2007 brings a great new album called "El Yunque Contra El Martillo" ("The Anvil Against The Hammer").
    In 2009 the band released their "Iberia" album, which garnered Zarpa some of the best reviews of their career.
    A new album "Las Puertas Del Tiempo" was released on Pure Steel Records in February of this year.
    Here's hoping that the renewed interest in the band translates into sales and some respect for one of Spain's pioneering Heavy bands, as they're in great form just now, and it's long overdue.

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    Their "Inferno Album was really good, so I'm looking forward (or better hearing forward?) listening to this one. Thanks for the upload!

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    Glad to help B.O.F.
    I think they are a really underrated band who don't get much respect or publicity, so I'm trying to spread the word on Zarpa.
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    Yes, maybe their best labum with the 1984 LP
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