Albums [Melodic / AOR] » Far North (Swe) - What?! (1995)
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    Artist: Far North
    Release: What?!
    Genre: Melodic Hard Rock/AOR
    Country: Sweden
    Bitrate: mp3/192 kbps
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    Classic scandi-AOR with gorgeous keyboard harmonies, dramatic melodies and great musicianship. Nothing new here but do we need anything new from classic AOR combo? Highly recommended!

    This is rip from original Swedish pressing, not 2003 remaster.
    1. Yes I'll Try
    2. Never Trust A Stranger
    3. The Run / I Wanna See The Sun Go Down
    4. Freedom Is All
    5. Phantoms
    6. Why Are The Children Dying
    7. Take Me Home
    8. The Gates Of Heaven / This Must Be Heaven
    9. I Just Need Your Love
    10. I Need My Child
    11. What?!
    12. (unlisted track)
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    I always liked this CD. It have some cool songs like "Phantoms" and "The Gates of Heaven / This Must Be Heaven".
    They were from SKellefteå and featured Vain drummer Sven Schönfeldt.

    One dark september night of 1992 - in an apartment at anderstorp Skellefteå Sweden - in a small room packed with music equipment, Tobias Öhman was trying out his new studiogear. As he learned the ways around the apparatus he wrote a few songs - the rough outline of "Yes I'll try" among others and FAR NORTH was born. It soon became clear to him that there where some major parts missing, and the first thing he needed was a guitarplayer. He contacted his old friend Jan Andersson who only lived a few apartments away. Tobias then remembered his old friend Patrik Jonsson and asked him to listen to the material and feel if it "felt" right for him to sing on. It did. Together with U. Svanborg on bass the four rehersed and recorded the first semi professional demo which was actually financed by Jan Anderssons mother!

    After the completion of the recordings Tobias Öhman contacted a few labels and one day a more trustworthy representative from a small recordcompany (SMC Records) called and signed FAR NORTH for a full length album. The drummer Sven Schönfeldt, baseguitar player David Nyström and the second guitarplayer Peter Karlsson completed the line-up. After the recordings of "What!?" the album was promo-released in Sweden and Japan. Some time after the release an additional recording ("Heartattack") was made on a Thin Lizzy tribute album together with very prominent Swedish bands and artist at that time. The bright saga came to an abrupt paus, however, when the recordcompany (SMC Records) went bankrupt three weeks before the planned tour to Japan for the group.

    This is the line-up
    Patrik Jonsson - Lead & Backing Vocals
    Jan Andersson - Lead Guitar
    Peter Karlsson - Second Guitar
    David Nyström - Bass
    Sven Schönfeldt - Drums, Backing Vocals
    Tobias Öhman - Keyboard, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals

    Ulf Swanborg - Bass (on "Yes I'll Try" & "This Must Be Heaven")
    Pelle Gustavsson - Violin (on "Phantoms")
    Annica Nyström - Backing Vocals
    Martina Rönnlund - Backing Vocals
    Carla Oloffson - Backing Vocals

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