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    Artist: Deuce
    Release: Make It Bleed, Demo 1985 + Rehearsals 1985
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: UK (Nottingham)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
    See following posts for a working link!
    DEUCE's 1985 demo 'Make It Bleed' + rehearsal tracks.
    Recorded in West Bridgeford, 1985.

    Lots of info at: ... EUCE1.html
    Videos can also be found at tomnook111's Youtube channel.

    Iain "Fang Sabre" Dilley - Vocals (APB, Wraith, Persia, Satan's Arrow, Psycho Wreck, Girlyswot, Hype, Brazzen Huzzy, Badgertamer)
    Gregg "Greggo" Russel - Guitar (Wraith, Free Spirit, Overlord, Tigertailz, Pickups 'n' Pitchforks)
    Steve 'Rimmo' Rimmington - Bass (Wraith)
    Simon "Emmy" Hemstock - Drums (Wraith, Six Gun, Sleezepatrol, Critical Mass)

    Dieter Taschner - Backup Guitar


    Nottingham Glam act dating from their inception in 1984 high on image and local notoriety for riotous behaviour and destroying equipment. DEUCE originally featured ex-OVERLORD guitarist Gregg Russell (then titled Russ Righards), drummer Simon 'Emmy' Hemstock, vocalist Punky Wayne (Wayne Richards), bassist Steve 'Rimmo' Rimmington and guitarist Paul 'Wild' Walker and were very much in the 'Shout At The Devil' mould.

    In 1985 the band released their first demo and played gigs supporting HELL, BLADERUNNER and WRATHCHILD. The band would promptly experience numerous fluctuations with Walker departing and being superseded in turn by Dieter Taschner and Brian Roland, whilst frontman Punky Wayne left to form SLEEZEPATROL and was duly replaced by ex-BRAZZEN HUZZY vocalist Fang Sabre (real name Iain Dilley). Sabre's reputation on the Nottingham scene had witnessed exploits with such formative acts as SATAN'S ARROW, BADGERTAMER and GIRLYSWOT. DEUCE then slimmed down further to a quartet, with Roland leaving to perform bass duties for SLEEZEPATROL.

    DEUCE released a self financed 7" single, 'Jealousy', in 1986 and then added ex-ORION members guitarist Ken Tilley and bassist Simon Ward later the same year. Tilley's earliest act, dating to 1984, was CHAINMAIL. Sabre would quit to form PERSIA in 1987 then HYPE in 1988 and later reverted to his real name as frontman for Hard Rock act APB.

    DEUCE ploughed through many more personnel. The final membership roll call comprised Dilley, Russell, Hemstock and bassist Paul Banham. Gregg Russell made a clean break to form the more Metal edged and professional WRAITH in 1987, taking Hemstock and Rimmington with him. This outfit released a string of commendable Hard Rock albums commencing with 1988's 'Naked Aggression'. Ken Tilley briefly featured too in the WRAITH line-up, as did Iain Dilley.

    Post WRAITH, Hemstock formed SIX GUN, reuniting with Dilley, and subsequently CRITICAL MASS. The drummer also sessioned on 1992 demos for THE FIRING SQUAD. Rimmington, now billed as 'Steve Dans', joined the former TATTOOED LOVE BOYS duo of guitarist Nick Singleton and drummer Mick Ransome, alongside singer Tony Myers, former RED DOGS guitarist Paul Guerin and keyboard player Keith Weir to found the FIREBYRDS. His tenure would be short lived and the ex-bassist subsequently joined the police force. Iain Dilley, relocating to Leicester, headed up PSYCHOWRECK for their 1993 album 'Care In The Community'.

    WRAITH, complete with ex-members of PANIC IN DETROIT, had re-activated during 1999 although Russell was known to be earning on the side as a tattooist and more exotically a stripper named Ice. However, by mid 2003 Russell was back on the musical map, having joined the reformed TIGERTAILZ. DEUCE announced a one off reunion for August 28th 2006 at the Nottingham Old Salutation set to feature Fang Sabre, Gregg Russell, Dieter Taschner and Simon Hemstock. Steven Rimmington was then reported to be handling bass but in the event the DEUCE line-up that actually performed involved Sabre, Russell, Hemstock and ex-HYPE and CAT BALLOU bassist Trash.

    2008 found Russell as a member of Southern scuzz Rockers PICKUPS 'N' PITCHFORKS alongside guitarist Stuart Toolin of PITCHSHIFTER and TAKEN BY WOLVES
    1. Seven Years
    2. X-Rated
    3. Killer
    4. Backs To The Wall
    5. Backs To The Wall (Bonus - Rehearsal)
    6. Seven Years (Bonus - Rehearsal)
    7. X-Rated (Bonus - Rehearsal)
    8. Backs To The Wall 2 (Bonus - Rehearsal)
    9. Killer (Bonus)
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    Look they played with SABBAT on 'Charity Rock Festival' (21/07/1985) at Zhivago's Nightclub in Nottingham (which was closed in 1989)

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    New link

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