Demos [Heavy / Power] » Riff Raff (aka Rif Raf) (US) - Demo (1984)
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    Artist: Riff Raff
    Release: Demo, Mid-80's
    Genre: Power Metal
    Country: USA (Detroit, MI)
    Bitrate: 128 kbps
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    Only demo by this band.

    Steve Madigan - Vocals
    Kenny Hill - Guitar
    Sam Nemon - Bass
    Lawrence Wilson - Drums
    1. No Better Than Me
    2. What It Takes
    3. Times
    4. Credibly Blind
    5. Not What You Think

    The main sources of my uploads are from blogs (mostly lockjaw - R.I.P.), myspace, youtube and other outlets. Many thanks to the original uploaders for sharing their music with us.
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    It said Looking for as much information as possible about this band at
    so here's some info about one member.

    Kenny Hill (Guitars)
    Halloween The Heavy Metal Horror Show
    Former Touring Guitarist · 1987 to 1993 · Detroit, Michigan
    Guitarist for Halloween with Brian Thomas, George Neal, Donny Allen and Billy Adams
    Rif Raf/Raf
    Guitarist/Songwriter · 1980 to 1992 · Detroit, Michigan
    Born in the city of Detroit, Kenny Hill's career started with his original hard rock/heavy metal band Rif Raf which toured locally and released a demo, an ep and 2 original albums, and would later go on to be called The Raff or simply RAF. RAF released a 5 song ep.

    After RAF, Kenny continued working in the same genre but was attempting to expand into other genres and styles, becoming more and more acquainted with the many amazing players and composers. Kenny then joined the Detroit bssed Heavy Metal Horror Show Halloween and spent the next 2 years touring and performing in support of Halloween's release at the time "No One Gets Out." Kenny also turned down an audition with the Red Hot Chili Peppers after the death of their first guitarist. When a newly reforming Blackfoot, Kenny was first choice for back-up guitarist to rock legend Ricky Medlocke, but Ricky was invited to rejoin Lynyrd Skynyrd and certainly did.

    Kenny being completely musically illiterate up to this point other than the notes that he was playing, and chords of course, he found improvisation very eluding if not impossible.
    It was after 11 years of playing completely by ear, but still writing and performing at a no less than professional level, that he sought to further his musical education and began to study with legendary Detroit fusion guitarist Mikhal Caldwell, who would become a great and entrusted friend and inspiration. Mikhal taught Kenny basic theory and in essence, how to continue to teach himself, which led to Kenny finally becoming musically literate. And as a by product, Kenny is also a very sought after guitar teacher when he is not touring. Kenny also took a semester of Music Composition at Marygrove College while forming the jazz, blues, fusion, rock trio Kenny Hill and the Bottom Line.

    They released a 3 song instrumental ep, which later was offered in 2 extended versions. One containing 5 songs, all composed by Kenny Hill, and 1 which had 7 songs, the 2 additional songs being penned by his band mates at the time. Kenny spent an extensive amount of time involved in outreach ministries which saw him performing and recording Bluegrass Gospel standards. After the ministry, Kenny put together Life In General, a progressive, original, alternative rock band with his brother PaulE"SMASH" Cobb, then later evolved into Mansfield Park, which experienced some minor success.
    NEURO SONIC , also an original project saw the release of one 3 song EP entitled "DRIVE" was the precursor to Kenny's current and latest endeavor, which is "The Kenny Hill Group" . As well as continuing to push the boundaries of his own limitations into new plateaus.
    Kenny is always interested in collaborations and working with other artists.

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