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    Artist: Haggar
    Release: Demo, 1995
    Genre: Epic / Power Metal
    Country: Brazil
    Bitrate: 192 kbps
    new link in comment section below
    Rip and share by Templarsteel, thanks mate!!

    Uploader Notes: Hi Guys !! In some of my posts, some of you have read me talking about an obscure Brazilian Band
    called HAGGAR! It was, by his time, even requested by Westrogoth, and I say here all my apologies as I just have
    discovered this request now !! So here is this Demo, in an fuckin' EPIC HEAVY METAL Style in the pure Vein of early
    WARLORD (US) / OMEN (US) / MANOWAR !! I find this demo amazing and still is one of my favourite Demo of all times !!

    The most incredible is THAT IT DOES'NT EXIST a single information about this Band on the net !! A guy took the
    credit on Metal-Archives for having listed in the site, just because I have uploaded this Demo on Thrashmageddon
    site some years ago ! Even few other guys who had this Demo on tape before had it by myself in a way or another
    when I was into tape-trading stuff between 1989 - 1996 !!

    Here is the story :
    In 1995, Jens BÖRNER (LONEWOLF's Leader - I was the manager of the Band from 1990 to 1994) lend me this tape
    to burn it for myself. He himself has exchanged the tape against 1 copy of LONEWOLF's "The Calling" Demo 1993.
    From the very 1st listening, I was amazed by this EPIC feeling although some low production. There is passion
    for Heavy Metal in this tape ! Still now, I still remind Jens of this Tape and say "do you remember this amazing Band
    ?" He told me he lost the original tape in a move ... The only thing I remember is that the cover was in black /
    white with a Warrior with an Axe in his hand. Probably, the band itself doesn't remember this undiscovered Jewel ... !!

    Enjoy Metal Brothers !! I Have tons of RARE and undiscovered Jewels for you. Templarsteel
    1. Warrior's Land
    2. Unreal Life
    3. Entity Rider
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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    TEMPLARSTEEL,STRAPPADO, mega thanx for this excellent power speed demo! I agree with you,it's top quality,i agree with the parallelisms too(for the OMEN,MANOWAR influences-similarities) ,but i can't find the WARLORD elements here,some IRON MAIDEN influences instead??! Apart from all these, this is an awesome band,with classy songs,wellcrafted and delivered, that brings to my mind another perfect Brazilian band of similar style,DARK AVENGER!!Mega thanx again TEMPLARSTEEL for the sharing of such a rarity,can't wait to hear your other rare treasures too(in case you would like to share them with us of course!)!!HAIL!!! porosimetal
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    New link: Hidden Link

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