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    Artist: Jack of Hearts
    Release: The Inner Peace... and Live!!, Demo 1994
    Genre: Heavy / Power Metal
    Country: Germany
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Requested by iron1983 .

    Thanks to Evilmastant for the share in PM. ... %21/210322 ... e/14571749

    Recorded, mixed & produced at Powerslave Studio, Herne by MAJOR, Summer 1994
    Live tracks taped during rehearsal room sessions on the "Stennert" 5/94.
    Feat. Thorsten Knittel (drums, backing vocals), Volker Kelch (bass, backing vocals), Marko Grüning (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Manni Schmidt (rhythm/solo guitar, backing vocals).

    Michael "M.A.J.O.R." Knoblich - Vocals (Scanner, Jester's March)
    Manni Schmidt - Guitar (Refuge, Grave Digger, Rage, Rusty Nail, Übergas, Vötca)
    Ingolf Brüsehaber - Guitar
    Sergio Iquenza - Bass, Keyboard
    Albert Taary - Drums

    The Peace Express Choir feat. Betty, Ela, Babsy, Krause

    Info from Press Release
    A lot happened since the release of 'Welcome to/t(w)o Heartland. There were many good reviews in the press and several cassettes were sold, too. And, even two songs can be found on two different CD-samplers: Welcome to Heartland is published on the "Harmonii"-Compilation, which features bands of Herne and it's partnership-towns, Against the Barricades took place on the StennArt-CD, a sampler full of groups rehearsing at the Stennert house.

    Concerning the present, Jack of Hearts is back with a brandnew tape that's called 'The Inner Peace... And Live!!!' it includes four studio tracks and three live numbers recorded (rough and pure) at the rehearsal room. Once again I had the pleasure to work with Manni Schmidt (now ex-Rage), just listen the solo on "I Don't Wanna Fight No More" and "Even Angels Can Learn", then you'll know what I'm talking of. It's a pity that the moment he's rather sick of the music business in general, but he'll surely recover.

    Regarding the credits, you'll find "Ingo Brüsehaber" and myself co-writing one more time. "Resurecction or What??" and "Beg for Time" were often played in earlier formations the two of us were involved, but it took until now for these tracks to be recorded. And Ingo played them like he never did before, really!!. Not forgetting Sergio and Albert, you remember them? the rhythm section of a local blues band that used the opportunity for a change!?!?.

    ....And Live!!

    Having in mind this value-for-money slogan, I decided to put the live tracks on the current demo. These numbers were recorded during rehearsals for a live presentation of the release of that 'Harmonii'-Sampler. The sound is rough, but honest. A closer look on the line-up is quite interesting: Manni (who else?), Volker Kelch (bass), a long time friend from schooldays up to now, Thorsten Knittel (clr)), I first met him with the "Dark Lights", where I replaced Peavey ten years ago and Marko Grüning (guitar), the younger brother of Thomas "Guiness" Grüning, Rage member during the 'Reign of Fear' period. Sometimes the circles close....

    A final word about the lyrics. Due to the loss of a very close relative the lyrics happened to take a more than slights meditative direction, some mighty call it even esoterically. Well that's always a matter of personal taste, but at least better than singing about skulls, blood'n guts, isn't it?

    So, now turn on the amp and enjoy your very own 'Inner Peace... And Live!!!'.

    MAJOR, Summer 1994
    1. Resurrection or What??
    2. Beg for Time
    3. Even Angels Can Learn
    4. I Don't Wanna Fight No More
    5. Weirdo (live)
    6. Welcome to Heartland (live)
    7. The Inside Enemy (live)
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