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    Artist: Infire
    Release: ...And the Fire Still Burns, Demo 1989
    Genre: Heavy / Power / Speed Metal
    Country: Italy
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Ripped from original tape. My scans included.

    I'm looking for their other demos ('Power Infire, July 1987' and 'After the Battle, 1987'. ... rns/586771 ... e/10010660

    Fabrizio Strozzi - Vocals
    Aldo Caprini - Guitar (Glory Hunter)
    Andrea Palestra - Guitar
    Massimo "Uh" Baldoni - Bass (Glory Hunter)
    Andrea Frabotta - Drums

    Official Biography (included with the demo): At the beginning the five-piece band called Infire was composed by only four young musicians: Fabrizio Strozzi as the lead vocalist, Enrico Bufaltni, the lead guitar, Andrea Palestra and Andrea Frabotta respectively on the bass guitar and on the drums (1986). After a series of fortunate gigs in the city-area and a momentary disappearence from the live scene, Infire came back with the fifth member Massimo"Uh" Baldoni on the bass guitar, replacing Andrea. With this line-up Infire recorded their first three track demo tape (July 1987); it included the songs "The Law", "Losing All Controls", Intro (After the Battle) / Death of Street". The nature of the songs is based on a strong rhytmic passion from which develops toward an original kind of power metal with some speed but also melodic solutions. "Power Infire" (so the demo was entitled) selled and continues to sell very well above all in Italy, but also in Germany, Austria and Spain; more of 200 tapes have been selled. Italian and foreign metal magazines revieved this tape as one of the better about the recording (16 ways) and wrote very well about it. At the end of 1987, after some live-acts, the second demo was recorded and titled 'After the Battle'. Recorded on a 8-ways studio mixer, presents a very cleaner sound and some studio-effects (keyboards, octaves reducer) that make it more refined and clegant than the recedent. Like this one, 'After the Battle' included three songs: an instrumental one that is called "Infire" (like the band) and is full of speed-changes and melodic solos. "Bison of the Road" and "Don't Fall (Into the Darkness)" are interesting because of a power metal filled with melody, a mark of "Infire Sound". In july 1988 lead guitarist Enrico Bufalini left the band because of --------- was replaced Aldo Caprini from a band called Glory Hunter (founder member). On july 1989, after a year of silence, Infire strike back with a new and powerful demo of four songs, foreteller of a more modern and aggressive sound; the opener is "The Only Way" followed by "Last Immortal", then come "2084 (After Midnight)" and "Over the Edge". The tape is recorded in a professional studio on a 16 ways mixed; the quality is good!
    1. The Only Way
    2. Last Immortal
    3. 2084 (Aftermidnight)
    4. Over the Edge
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