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    Artist: Azzaron
    Release: Ostatnie Słowo, Demo 1986 / Władca Nocy, Demo 1987
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Poland
    Bitrate: 224kbps
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    Azzaron's 1986 and 1987 demos.

    Thanks to original uploader. ... mE1dRCe0HQ

    Formed in 1985 by members from the band Sabotaż, including lead vocalist Marek Dudek, bassist Marcin Ignac, guitarist Gorlik Bogdan and drummer Adam Pokryszka. Marek Wyleżoł was later incorporated. They were formerly known as RH+. Ignac left the band shortly afterwards, and was replaced by Edward Trzeciak; while Bogdan was given his walking papers, making way for Waldemar Demin. This formation embraced a more aggressive sound and started working on material for the first demo Ostatnie Słowo, changing their name to Azzaron, at the suggestion of Demin, who also designed the band-logo. The demo consisted on 6 tracks, plus 2 instrumentals – all written by Trzeciak and Pokryszka. The group applied with the new songs for the Jarocin festial contest in July, but Dudek’s unexpected resignation made them resign it. In autumn 1986, Wyleżoł quit due to musical differences with Trzeciak and Demin. Ryszard Wójcik was subsequently introduced as new guitarist. In early 1987, they recorded their second demo Władca Noc, featuring also a second version of “Dzień Zagłady” and one untitled track. New vocalist Andrzej Englisz joined the group after the recording. This new line-up did its first show at the first edition of the Zabrzańskiego Młodzieżowego Forum Muzycznego “kRockus”, winning the band contest. In May of the same year, the band went to rehearse at Trzeciak’s parents apartment, shortly afterwards going through more line-up changes with the departure of Demin due to personal differences. He was replaced by Grzegorz Świstak from Orion. In 1988, after doing some shows and appearing at band contests, Krzysztof Boluk from Super Box joined the group for a short time, but soon left due to health problems. Unable to find a second guitarists and a proper place to rehearse, Azzaron eventually broke-up after a farewell concert on 5th June 1988 at the KWK “Pstrowski” in Zabrze, with the jazz act Simplex Hayman opening the show. The set was recorded on VHS tape.

    Last Known Line-Up
    Andrzej Englisz - Vocals (M.A.R.A.N.D., The Drinkers)
    Marek Wyleżoł - Guitar (Hanter, M.A.R.A.N.D.)
    Grzegorz Świstak - Guitars (Orion)
    Edward Trzeciak - Bass (Hanter, The Drinkers)
    Adam Pokryszka - Drums (Drakon, Orion, Bez Szefa, Hanter, M.A.R.A.N.D., Sabotaż, Simplex Hayman)

    Former / Past Members
    Marek Dudek - Vocals (Sabotaż)
    Gorlik Bogdan - Guitar (Sabotaż)
    Ryszard Wójcik - Guitar (The Drinkers)
    Krzysztof Boluk - Guitar (Super Box)
    Waldemar Demin - Guitar
    Marcin Ignac - Bass (Sabotaż)
    Ostatnie Słowo, Demo 1986
    1. Szalony Bieg
    2. Otchłań Zła
    3. Północny Wiatr
    4. Dzień Zagłady
    5. Instrumental
    6. Okrutna Noc
    7. Ostatnie Słowo
    8. Untitled Track

    Władca Nocy, Demo 1987
    1. Zbrodnia
    2. Władca Nocy
    3. Gwardia Szatana
    4. Nieznany Jeździec
    5. Sidła
    6. Dzień Zagłady
    7. Untitled Track
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