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    Artist:     Halloween
    Release: 1031 (A Number of Things … from Halloween) [demo-compilation] (1997)
    Genre:    Heavy Metal
    Country: USA ( Detroit, Michigan)
    Bitrate:   vbr
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    Self-released demo compilation (about 50 copies) containing the Vicious demo (tracks 1-5) as well as previously unreleased tracks from 1985 to 1990 with different lineups.
    Many web rips obviously miss track #15 as this was an unlisted acoustic bonus track. - All credits to Kevin Gerych for this rip!

    Wikipedia wrote:1031, A Number Of Things From... is a 1998 demo-compilation released by a Detroit metal band Halloween to help raise money to keep the band going after a reunion with original members Rick Craig and Bill Whyte. The compilation includes five tracks from the 1990 release Vicious Demos and a number of unreleased tracks recorded through the years with different lineups.
    Vocalist Brian Thomas (as cited at Metal-Archives) wrote:That stuff was all just demos and stuff; there was this lost shoebox of cassette tapes… Here's what we did. Every year at this time, we try to put a big stage show for Halloween. We used to play at Harpo's every single year, but ever since GWAR and the Genitorturers came around, they've been playing there, so we've been playing in some smaller venues. Back in 1997, when the original four members of Halloween got back together, we played at J.D.'s McCone Theater, which is now The Emerald, one of the big concert halls here. We played there two Halloweens in a row, but we didn't have money to buy T-shirts and to pay for truck rental and all the incidentals, the road crew, all that stuff. So John and Mikey, the guy who does our special lighting, worked out this 1031 CD. We sold the CDs at the show so that we would have money to pay the road crew, pay for our T-shirts, and all that kind of stuff. I think we originally made 25 or 50 of them, and apparently some of them have made their way to the surface.

    Brian Thomas = Vocals
    Donny Allen = Guitars
    Rick Craig = Guitars
    Billy Gray = Guitars
    George Neal = Bass
    Billy Whyte = Drums
    Billy Adams = Drums
    Tommy Stewart = Drums
    01.  I confess  (03:57)
    02.  Vicious Lies  (04:35)
    03.  Evil Nation  (02:37)
    04.  Agony  (03:07)
    05.  Black Skies  (05:25)
    07.  Sudden Death  (04:37)
    08.  Intoxicated  (04:59)
    09.  In Darkness  (04:40)
    10.  Crying for You  (03:30)
    11.  1-900  (04:40)
    12.  1988  (05:33)
    13.  The Battle  (03:55)
    14.  I scream  (03:14)
    15.  Take me  (02:59)

    RunningWild wrote:A must-have not only for fans of the US-Halloween, obviously pretty rare. Grab it while it´s hot… ;)
    I´m still searching for their two 1990 demos (#1, #2) - anyone got them?
    ► Main focus on bands from Austria, also interested in rare demos of the 80s & 90s!  ► Please help me with my Wantlist!
    ► Just drop private uploads into my▲folder if you like…
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