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    Artist: Killer Clown (ex-Tyrant)
    Release: Demos, 1991 - 1994
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: USA (Ridgecrest, CA)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Songs from Killer Clown's two demos 'Show Us The Circus (1991)' and 'All bets Down (1994)'.
    For more info see their Facebook page:

    Official Bio
    Killer Clown was formed in 1991 by the former members of Tyrant (a heavy metal cover band). Killer Clown has recorded 2 demo's, the 1st 5 song demo was called 'Show Us To The Circus', the 2nd 3 song demo, was called 'All Bets Down' featured on 95.5 KLOS on the Joe Benson show, Killer has also aired on IROCK, The Heat, and the The Burner, and Aug. 3 2014 Killer Clown was aired on Museboat internet radio, on the TJ show, with the song "Gothic City", off the 2nd demo. Killer Clown had been on hold for some time when, the members were asked, to play a reuion show in April of 2014, the show went very well, and created somewhat of a buzz. It was then, decided to again try and promote the band, and work toward writting and recording new music (in the not to distant future) and adding a few new members. Killer Clown excels in the "live" format, and believes that music and lyrics should meld together and present a visual image to the mind, and not have to rely on video hype via MTV, like us or hate us we bust our balls for our fans. Look for new music and shows soon, " Ya Can't Keep A Bad Clown Down".

    Last Known Line-Up
    James Johnson - Vocals
    Mike Stanley - Guitar
    Brandon Ernest - Guitar
    Ron "Riff" Cram - Drums

    Former / Past Members
    Mark Budke - Guitar
    Shawn Peek Bass
    Steve Cook - Bass
    Rich Ranck - Bass
    Dewain Cook - Bass
    Ron "Dink" Knox - Drums
    1. Gothic City (Remixed and Mastered)
    2. Hurtin Cuz Your Gone (Remixed and Mastered)
    3. Aces & Eights (Remixed and Mastered)
    4. Monastary (1991)
    5. Law Giver (1991)
    6. Dance of a 1000 tongues (1991)
    7. Roll With The Punches (1991)
    8. Hard Lovin Woman (1991)
    9. Aces And Eights (1994)
    10. Gothic City (1994)
    11. Hurting Cuz Your Gone (1994)
    12. Where There's A Whip There's A Way (Bonus / 1987?)
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    Extremely melodic 80s vibe heavy! Very talented musIcians and a VOCAL Wow, great just great (listenmu2) Never supposed these demos were made at 90s!

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