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    Artist: White Vice
    Release: Thrash On Delivery 1986
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: UK
    Bitrate: 320
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    I could only track down two members from this band and here's the story:

    Barry Marshall :
    Barry has always been fascinated with guitars for as long as he can remember, growing up in the 60s with the Beatles and the 70s with the likes of Slade, Sweet and latterly (when he started to dig a bit deeper) Rush, Judas Priest and many, many more. Largely self taught, he was given his first guitar by an Uncle when he was 7 or 8 (his address is available for purchase if anyone wants to seek retribution.) He got bored after one or two lessons as they didn’t teach rock back then, so he set about frantically learning his favourite songs by ear. He received his first electric guitar for Christmas 1977 at the tender age of 15, and a whole new world of possibilities opened up. It wasn’t of the best quality, however, so on starting a part time job while still at school, he squirreled away the money he earned and bought his first professional quality electric guitar: a Gibson “The SG”, which he still has and plays to this day. Armed with this pride and joy, he was able to join his first band at 18, called Amethyst, playing joint lead guitar with a lad by the name of Eric Cook, who later went on to manage Venom. Amethyst never played anywhere but it was good experience, which led to playing in various other bands, leading to his first gig with a band called Slutt, with Antton Lant, brother of Venom’s Bassist and frontman. They turned into a glam outfit, which wasn’t really Barry's thing, so he left; the rest of the band going on to tour various Eastern European venues and doing quite well by all accounts. The exit door from Slutt was opened by Mark Woodhouse and Steve McGinley who had seen a Slutt gig and been impressed by Barry's playing so offered him a vacancy in a Metal band which was later to become White Vice, playing original material in the mid to late 80s. Careers beckoned for various members, leading to White Vice’s demise and a hiatus of several years, until 2010 when he joined Black Flame, which morphed into The Rise, who are still playing today. All the while, Barry has been in contact and remained good friends with Mark and Steve. Fast forward to April 2014, he was asked to take part in the formation of a Rock covers band, now called Andromeda, which brought him back to playing alongside Mr. Woodhouse. The rest, you already know.

    Mark Woodhouse :
    Mark has been involved in the local music scene on and off for nearly 30 years. Starting in the mid 1980’s he formed the band White Vice (along with Andromeda guitarist Barry Marshall) with which he performed and recorded. As this band started to fold due to irreplaceable members careers’ forcing them to move to other parts of the country he joined legendary North East Hardcore pioneers the Fiend. As well as gigging with the Fiend, he recorded tracks that were released on the 2006 retrospective vinyl album “Remember Who We Are” and the 2007 CD “The Complete Recordings 1983-1987” before calling time on drumming. After nearly 20 years of inactivity, Mark returned to playing and quickly joined local pub band The Enzymes in 2006. The original line up lasted until 2007, A a new line up formed 18 months later (which was when Mark and bassist Ed Thomas got thrown together) and this revived 5 piece gigged extensively across the North East for 4 years with highlights being 2 sell out performances at The Customs House Theatre in South Shields, being invited to open the main stage of the 2013 Stormin’ The Castle bike rally in County Durham in front of several thousand bikers, and a final marathon Christmas full house 4 hour gig at The Office in South Shields in 2013. After a 5 month hiatus Mark answered an advert to join the band that came to be called Andromeda and has come full circle back to playing Classic Rock and Heavy Metal.

    Info from: Andromeda North East Rock Band Page on facebook
    1. Breaking Ice
    2. Fireball (Death From Above)
    3. Hard Rocker
    4. Sacred Armageddon
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    These tracks can be downloaded for free in MP3 and Lossless at their Bandcamp
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