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    Artist: Sinister (Scream) (Malisha related)
    Release: Demo, 1984
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: USA
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Ripped by egbert! thanks!

    Both these tracks can also be found on Malisha - Serve Your Savage Beast (1986).
    I don't know if Kim sings on this but it's possible. The rip is muddy so it's hard to tell.
    Could even be the same versions featured on Savage Beast....

    Some rehearsal videos can be found at Billy Furtado's Youtube channel.

    Info from:
    In November '82, a half year before the "Made In Hawaii" EP was released, MALISHA was born. Original band members (next to KIM) are Darry Shihido on bass, Randy Hano on guitar and Ivar on drums. It's the summer of '83, when MALISHA record their first 5-track demo. By then, Ivar is being replaced by Craig Brooks and Rick Dingman. The demo was mailed to almost every metal and rock magazine around the world. So there was an unexpected demand for this tape. It contains "Hands Of The Ripper", which opens with a long scream after the intro and sounds like the typical US Metal with speed breaks and solos. "Metal Wars" is slow and puts the brake on a bit. "Power Flight" is again an uptempo song. The demo tape ends with the ballad "Love For The Day" and "Serve Your Savage Beast" (which later becomes the album title). The demo sounds OK, but with only one guitarplayer it's very difficult to create a heavy sound. MALISHA's sound can best be described as 'melodic heavy metal with a lot of variation'. After the release of the demo, Randy Hano quits the band and Kim decides to look for new talents. Los Angeles was the right place to be, because it was (and still is) rich with good rock and metal musicians. Trying to put together the perfect combination for MALISHA, they came upon the most fantastic bands that nobody had ever heard of. Bands that were just playing in rehearsal studios all over the country. Bands that only needed a singer to make the line-up complete. The combination was clear. MALISHA (Kim) needed new talent and they were in need of Kim as their singer.

    And so in '86 we'll find some new talented musicians back on MALISHA's debut album "Serve Your Savage Beast", released on Shardan Kane records. It's a 9-track album with the five songs from the demo tape, added with "Valkyrie", "Step Through Eternity", "What I Believe" and "Burning Rage". On the record you'll hear Ken Brown-bass, Dave Hall-drums, Rich Black-guitar, Steve la Voie-guitar, Glenn Noyes-drums, Billy Furtado-guitar/bass and Pierre Grill (engineer and owner of Rendez Vous recording) on keyboards. "Valkyrie" is a song, dedicated to Janne Stark (guitarplayer of the Swedish metalband OVERDRIVE and currently writer of 'The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal' ('96)). The album is full of variation and it's a shame they didn't get any further.

    Last Known Line-Up
    Kim La Chance - Vocals (Malisha, Vixen, Driven Steel, Hawaii etc)
    Billy Furtado - Guitar, Bass (Malisha)
    Richie Black - Guitar (Malisha)
    Dave Hall - Drums (Malisha)

    Former / Past Members
    Buddy Martinez - Guitar (?)
    1. Burning Rage
    2. What I Believe

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