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    Artist: Critical Mass
    Release: Unreleased Album Demos, 1985 + More
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: USA (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Critical Mass was a heavy metal band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee featuring Andrew "Andy" Austin (known from bands such as Maddax, Numb Skull and Liquid Rainbow). This package contains their "unreleased demo album" from 1985 entitled 'Death Dealer' + various rehearsal and demo recordings through 1983 - 1987. Some songs featured here was also recorded as Maddax and/or later reworked with Andy's new band Numb Skull. Critical Mass recorded tons of stuff so if anyone got something not included here please let me know. Cheers.

    Death Dealer Line-Up
    Andrew "Andy" Austin - Vocals, Guitar (Maddax, Numb Skull, Liquid Rainbow, Soul Work)
    Zane Carroll - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
    Dylan Vaughn - Drums

    Links ... k=timeline

    Official Biography
    Critical Mass was formed by Andy Austin (formerly of Liquid Rainbow) in 1983 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (just southeast of Nashville), and disbanded in 1988 (Andy went on to form Numb Skull in 1990). The personnel changed over these years. The first phase (from fall 1983 to spring 1985): Lance Hill bass and John Pope drums. The second phase (from summer 1985 to summer 1986) was Zane Carroll bass, keys, and vox, Dylan Vaughn on drums, and, joining in the winter of 1986, Robert McNair on bass. McNair was replaced by Bryan Potts in late summer 1986. The band went on hiatus for two years, when Tomi Stotler was brought into to play drums on four tracks in preparation of a new phase, which did not pan out. Both the first and second phases saw active live performances.

    'Death Dealer' was recorded on 1/8" analog metal tape using a Fostex 4-track machine (the first commercially available 4-track machine using cassette tape) in September 1985. It was produced by arguably the band's best line up: Andy Austin on guitar and vocals, Zane Carroll on bass, vocals, and synthesizers, and Dylan Vaughn on drums. The tracks run from state-of-the-art heavy metal - "Death Dealer" and "In the Name of the Lord" - to straight-forward hard rock numbers - "You're On Your Own" and "She Likes the Night Life." With Death Dealer, Critical Mass demonstrates that, while big news around Nashville in its heyday, it was one of the outstanding unknown heavy metal bands of the mid-1980s on the national scene.

    In the fall of 1983, after leaving Miami, Florida, Andy Austin, formerly of Liquid Rainbow, started college at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He wasted no time in forming a trio with Kip Jarrell, also formerly of Liquid Rainbow, on drums and Sean Perkins on bass. A friend of Andy's, Michael Weiss, was tapped for vocals. Sean left the band to focus exclusively on jazz. Weiss also left. Kurt Wallenhorst, former bassist for Liquid Rainbow, was recruited and the trio began writing songs. Recordings of two songs, "Cry of the Crusaders" and "Icy Portals," survived the years. Kip soon quit to pursue other things.

    Andy and Kurt continued working together. Searching for a better sound, Andy bought a black Fender Stratocaster (which he still owns), a Peavey Bandit, and an Ibanez UE-305 (the best foot pedal Andy says he ever owned). He also bought a Drumulator, an early drum machine the Emu corporation introduced in Spring 1983. Inspired by Fripp's League of Gentlemen, Andy and Kurt recorded five quirky songs. Andy enrolled in Jerry Roberts’ classical guitar class. Kurt became busy with other things. Lance Hill, a student of Andy's was tapped to play bass. Andy and Lance recruited country drummer John Pope. Michael Weiss briefly joined as vocalist and served off and on as stage manager. It was at this point that Andy began what he considers to be one of the most creative periods of his music career. They called the band Critical Mass.

    Critical Mass entered Haynes House, a 16-track facility on the MTSU campus in 1983. They recorded four songs, "A Real Witch," "Heat of Travel," "Tyranny," and "I Don't See You." "A Real Witch," is a many-layer guitar-only track which obtains its name from the fact that a Wiccan, Andrew Crowl, engineered that session. He blessed the recording by placing a pentagram coin - right side up, of course (Wiccans aren't Satanists, after all) - on the console. This song was used to open Critical Mass live performances.

    Andy's sister, Karen, wrote the lyrics and melody for "Heat of Travel." Using the Drumulator, Andy performed the drums on the fly. Karen vocals are featured on the song. "I Don't See You" was a song Andy wrote in the context of Liquid Rainbow and was originally titled "Conquest of the World" (the original version of the song was recorded by Critical Mass only a weeks before in their rehearsal space). "Tyranny" would become a song called "Death Dealer." The lyrics on this early studio version in haste only moments before they were recorded.Critical Mass quickly developed a following after making the project public and played several high profile gigs during the first half of 1985. They opened for Lust at Mainstreet, performed headline gigs at 12th and Porter and Cantrel's, and drew large crowds at open rehearsals.

    Andy Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Drum Machine (1983-1988)
    Karen Austin - Vocals, Drum Machine (1983, 1984, 1988)
    Kurt Wallenhorst - Bass, Drum Machine (1983)
    Lee Mckee - Vocals (1984)
    Lance Hill - Bass (1983-1985)
    John Pope - Drums (1983-1985)
    Zane Carroll - Bass, Vocals (1985-1986)
    Dylan Vaughn - Drums (1985-1986)
    Robert Mcnair - Bass, Vocals (1986)
    Tommy Stotler - Drums (1988)
    Death Dealer, Unreleased Album Demos 1985
    1. Critical mass
    2. Death Dealer
    3. Osiris Arises
    4. Beneath the Sea
    5. You’re On Your Own
    6. Immortal
    7. In the Name of the Lord
    8. She Likes the Night Life
    9. Burn Gypsy Town
    10. Reflections
    11. Immortal (Reprise)

    Various Recordings, 1983 - 1987
    1. Widows Walk (1984)
    2. Tricked By Quickness (1985)
    3. Hearts In Chains (1985)
    4. Seize Control (1986)
    5. Take No Prisoners (1986)
    6. Don't Keep Me Waiting (1986)
    7. The Walls of Troy (1986)
    8. Will To Live (1986)
    9. You Can't Stop Me (1987)
    10. Christmas Eve (Mother) (1987)
    11. I Don't See You
    12. Death Dealer (Remastered)
    13. Andy Austin - Mutant Rock (1983)
    14. Andy Austin - Audio-Visual (1984) (cut)
    14. Andy Austin - Audio-Visual (1984) (full)
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