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    Artist: Sinister Force
    Release: Sinister Force, EP 1989
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: USA (Montclair, New Jersey)
    Bitrate: 160kbps
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    Recorded At Grandslam Studios, West Orange, NJ
    Recorded /Mixed: May 19-20, 1989
    Engineered /Mixed /Mastered By: Dan Rudin

    Vocals: Dave Gentle
    Rhythm Guitar: Steve Vincent
    Lead Guitar: Rich Wolsten
    Bass: Tom Saueracker
    Drums: Damon Weber
    Management: Bruce Tyler

    Bio (from
    Sinister Force was a heavy-metal band based in Montclair, N.J., and was formed in 1986 by Steve Vincent, along with local friends Neal Fulves, and Greg Meredith. Steve came up with the name from an article about the Watergate scandal, in which Nixon, denying involvement, pondered some ‘sinister force’ was at work. Steve started out as the drummer, and studied under Bruce Tyler, an accomplished jazz performer in his own right, and a veteran of the music scene, who later became the band’s manager. Steve Vincent decided to fill the position of rhythm guitar when Damon Weber joined the band as the new drummer in ’86, because he had such great talent, and was such a good friend that it was a natural fit. New friends Rich Wolsten, Tom Saueracker, and Dave Gentle were also acquired later that year. Mike Sakowski replaced Tom, after he decided to retire, and the newest member Dan Davie replaced Damon in late ’89, because Damon had other interests in other projects taking up too much of his time, and Dan was a very talented addition to the effort.

    Sinister Force, realized in it’s then present line-up, began to play out in some of the area’s top clubs, which was an impressive achievement for such a young band after only being together as a unit for about a year. The band’s set was composed of mostly original songs written by Rich and Steve and some by all members, but sometimes included a cover song or two. The band was a group of talented and flexible musicians, who were comfortable playing a half hour set, or easily a full two hour show. The band strived to be as tight and precise as possible in their technical execution, and they became known for this precision in the club circuit. The band’s musical style was in the vein of heavy metal, and they easily played some heavier, thrashy parts in some of their songs, but were more regarded by their peers at the time as a melodic hard rock act.

    Last Known Line-Up
    Dave Gentle - Vocals
    Rich Wolsten - Lead Guitars
    Steve Vincent - Rhythm Guitars
    Tom Saueracker - Bass
    Dan Davie - Drums (Skullshifter, Shroud of Silence)

    Former / Past Members
    Neal Fulves - Guitars
    Mike Sakowski - Bass
    Greg Meredith - Bass
    Damon Weber - Drums
    Kryss Lynch - Drums
    Sinister Force, EP 1989
    1. The Reaper
    2. Love and Kill
    3. Reality
    4. The Youth That You Despise

    Various Recordings
    1. Choose To Run
    2. Still I Won't Let Go
    3. Sanctity
    4. Golden Dawn
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