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    Artist: Teacher's Pett
    Release: Demos 1990-91
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: USA (Seattle, WA)
    Bitrate: 320kbps
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    Teacher's Pett was formed in Wenatchee, Washington in 1983. Influenced by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Queensryche, the band quickly gained status as one of the premier metal bands in Central Washington. The band put on many self promoted shows in the area, which resulted in a strong local following. But they had greater aspirations.

    In 1986 a plan was put together to make a move to the music capital of the world; Hollywood, California. In Spring of 1987, that plan became reality. In short time Teacher's Pett were playing the Hollywood club scene, with a number of shows at the Troubadour, Whiskey, etc. The band soon secured a recording deal with a studio just outside of Los Angeles.

    After a year in California a major decision was made to relocate to Seattle. Teacher’s Pett’s musical style just didn’t mesh well with the late 80’s glam metal scene of Hollywood. The band re-grouped in Seattle. With this new line up, they made the trip back to California to complete their recording deal. They would spend the next 3-weeks recording their debut album with a well known producer. The newly recorded album was shopped to various labels in the U.S. and abroad, put was never picked up.

    Teacher’s Pett would gain a strong following in the Seattle area in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Many shows were played and many recordings done over this next 3-year period, including a featured spot on Medusa Records "Metal Meltdown 4".

    In the early 1990’s the Seattle grunge scene exploded. The music scene drastically changed and metal slowly became outdated. Teacher’s Pett dispanded in the Spring of 1991,

    Last Known Lineup
    Billy Young - Vocals
    Mike Powers - Guitars
    Paul Anala - Guitars
    Ted Pickett - Bass
    Tim Chapton - Drums
    Demo (1990)
    1. Everytime We Touch
    2. Are You Ready
    3. Don't let it End
    4. Making Love Above the Crowd
    5. Further Away
    6. I Want You

    Demo (1991)
    1. Naked and all Alone
    2. It's Over
    3. Now You See Me
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