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    In a Quiet Dream, Compilation, 2016, ASR CD-033, Arkeyn Steel Records


    Artist: Steel Angel (US)
    Release: Inquiete [1992]
    Genre: Heavy / Power Metal
    Country: USA (Bradenton, Florida)
    Bitrate: 160

    Requested by Heavy Metal 80
    Info: Steel Angel is an American Power Metal band from Bradenton, Florida in the United States. Originally the brain child of childhood friends Jason Loyd Sanders and Rico Antonelli. Jason and Rico decided to split off from another local band to do their own thing around 1987. The Steel Angel moniker came from one the first songs they wrote together. They put an ad out for musicians, that was answered by drummer Dale Wanting. Soon after a second guitar player was added with Scott Casey. At that point Jason was playing bass and singing because they couldn't find a singer that fit. At a band rehearsal Jason told the rest of the guys that he just wanted to sing and because Jason had become a pretty good singer while making due, they agreed it was the right choice. They didn't look far for a bass player because Jason immediately suggested Chuck Reedy a fan who had been coming to their practices to hang out and watch.

    Once the line up was official they started working on songs, some of which would much later end up on "Inquiete". Jason really excelled after deciding to front the band, becoming the Lyricist and one of the primary song writers. Songs like Borrowed Time, Black Velvet, Emerald Eyes and Of an Angel's Cry would never get recorded but definitely all had potential to be on a Steel Angel Album. The guys started opening their warehouse up and inviting people on weekends which were affectionately known as the "warehouse parties". Hundreds of people began showing up on weekends to party with Steel Angel. Other bands started noticing and on one particular evening local legend "Atheist" a signed death metal band from Sarasota came and set up their stuff and played a warehouse show with Steel Angel. Steel Angel started getting tons of show opportunities (parties, battle of the bands, bar shows, etc). Unfortunately for one reason or another that is surely forgettable after all these years, this line up didn't last. Scott Casey went on to form a local cover band called "Crash". Rico joined another original power metal band called "Neue Regel" and Dale got married and opened up his own business.

    Jason and Chuck found a new guitar player in Chris Phillips and drummer Lee Jones from a local band called "Turbulence". The four of them started writing but the chemistry just wasn't there with Chris. Lee however brought a very technical style of playing to the table that would encourage Jason to write in odd time signatures and strange syncopated riffs. Next came dual guitar shredders Mike Fenzl and Mark Daklallah from local band "Jaguar". Mark at the time was only 16 years old and was playing Arpeggios faster then anybody Jason and Chuck had ever played with ( The kid was playing stuff WAY beyond his age). Mike Fenzl was looking to do something more commercial so after a couple weeks he moved on. Jason, Chuck, Lee, and Mark were feverishly writing while looking for a 2nd guitar player. Someone suggested this guy Joey Webbe who had played for Neue Regel for a bit. Joey came out to a practice and the chemistry was immediate. Where young Mark was energetic and blistering fast. Joey was melodic, soulful, and easy going. As the songs started to develop, all the different musical personalities started to shape into the "Steel Angel " sound.
    One particular night this tall Flamboyant guy came out to watch the guys play. During one of the breaks he pulled Jason and a couple of the guys aside and said point blank "I'm gonna be your drummer" . Everyone laughed but as it turns out a few weeks later Lee was no longer in the band and they had a new drummer in Rodney Beasley The Line up was finally there. Practices started generating songs like "Dorian Grey" and"Images of Self-Destruction" and eventually "Distant Reality" along side stuff Joey brought to the table like "You Can Run" and "Cry For the Queen". Songs Like Valley of the Skulls, Eye of the Storm, Maelstrom, King of Fools, Steel Angel, all got new twists with the new styles. The Guys went into local studio Paradox with Rick Duncan and produced a 4 song Demo with songs like Faceless Dreams, Eye of the Storm, Never say Never, and You Can Run. The local radio Station 98 Rock started playing "Eye of the Storm" on their Sunday night show Tampa Rocks with Austin Keyes regularly. Local Shows were becoming plentiful and the fan following was growing with leaps and bounds. Two local business men and studio owners Dane Tompkins and Eric Salmon decided they wanted to back the guys and put out a full length album and pitch it to Roadrunner Records, the same label that "Crimson Glory" another Bradenton band had released their biggest album "Transendance" on. So things were really starting roll for the guys.
    One night the guys were rehearsing and writing for the upcoming recording at the Circle E Ranch home of Hammerhead Studios in east Bradenton Florida. The practise had gone a little too late and Mark Daklallah who was still only 17 realized he was supposed to be home already and he had to go to school the next morning. Mark hopped in the car with a female high school friend who was at the practice. Mark got in the passenger side and forgot to put his seat belt on. 5 minutes later the young lady lost control of the vehicle the car flipped several times in a near by field. The neighbors called for help and Mark was Helicoptered to the nearest Trauma center. Mark unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.
    The guys were devastated from the loss of their friend and brother. Over the coming months Steel Angel pulled it together at the advise of management, friends, and family. When looking for someone to fill the huge shoes Mark had left, the only choice was close friend of the band Mark Borgmeyer. Mark had played in a band with Rodney and had become good friends with the entire group. The first song that came out of the tragic accident was "Crystal Visions". Jason wrote some extremely moving lyrics for the piece dedicated to Mark and eventually incorperated the line "I see your spirit in a quiet dream". Inquiete (Latin for "In a quiet Dream") would become the name of the finished recording.
    Steel Angel worked hard all winter along side Dane and Eric of Hammerhead Studios to finish what would become "Inquiete". In early January 1992 Jason finally finished up his Vocal tracks, Joey and Jason decided to go out and celebrate at a local rock club called the "Town Lounge". After celebrating, socializing, and enjoying the live music, Joey got a ride home and Jason headed back to Sarasota where he was staying with his parents. Less then a mile from home, Jason fell asleep at the wheel and his car ran into a culvert in the ditch to right of the road. Jason passed away at the scene. This was the second tragic accident to strike the group in just a few short months. Jason was the heart of Steel Angel, it was his vision and creativity that guided the group and the guys felt they would never be able to move forward without him.
    In honor of Jason and Mark, our friends and family that supported the Steel Angel dream, and all our passion and hard work that we put into it... Mark Borgmeyer finished the recording and made around a hundred copies fo our friends, family and keepsakes.

    Although we all moved on with our lives in different fashions, most remained close or at least in contact . Mark Borgmeyer eventually went on to play with Ben Jackson of Crimson Glory in the group "Avenging Benji". Rodney Beasley played for several years in Tampa bay metal band "Iced Earth". Joey Webbe moved to Texas and eventually made his home in San Diego. , Ca. Chuck Reedy (that being me the one who's writing this) went off into the Country music vein for the last couple decades playing with One Night Rodeo, Rye Road, and songwriting stint in Nashville, Tn. A country boy with a Metal Heart I guess. Mark Borgmeyer or Borgie as everyone affectionately refers to him and I have been saying for years that we're going to remaster the songs and put up a site for people who remember it to enjoy. After one of those conversations and a couple drinks at local pub. I went home and got on the internet. I typed in Steel Angel Inquiete and to my extreme suprise there were 6 pages of info on the screen. See, I had never thought of searching it before because Steel Angel was gone long before the internet took over the world. The only way you were gonna hear of our music was to get a copy of our cassette (way before CD's and forever and a day before MP3's). So I was shocked some guy named Windrider1986 (in Greece) had uploaded all of the songs from Inquiete . I'm still scratching my head as to how he even got Inquiete. Steel Angel was subject to small discussions on some metal blogs and now this coming April "Cryptic Scripts" in Europe is printing a interview with about Steel Angel and the remastered inquiete recordings, kind of a Q and A with Borgie. So apparently it was time for me to get off my butt, secure a domain name, build a site, and write this long Biography about one of the most important times in my life. I think of Jason Flanders and Mark Daklallah often. After 20 years they still affect my decisions on a regular basis. It's amazing the memories you can make in a few short years. I try not to think what if's because it's obviously unrealistic but I have often imagined the things those two talented young men could have accomplished in their lives had they not been taken so soon. they were both filled with such charisma, infectious energy, and musical talent. It would be impossible for me to believe that they wouldn't have been successful at anything they chose to do in life.
    Soon Borgie will finish the remasters and we're gonna call it "Renascentia" which means rebirth in Latin. Jason would have liked that and Mark would have made fun of it for sure. I hope metal fans will enjoy it as much I remember us enjoying the process of creating it.

    Chuck Reedy!about/c10fk

    01 Valley
    02 Eye Of The Storm
    03 Steel Angel
    04 Dorian Grey
    05 Images (Of Self Destruction)
    06 Crystal Visions
    07 King Of Fools
    08 You Can Run
    09 Distant Reality
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    Maybe anyone would like to do a cd-r for this killer release...I made a cover for it for myself, hope you will enjoy it!
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    An official rerelease will follow hopefully soon ... steel-recs

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    Link has been deleted. Official release available.

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