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    Artist: Izod
    Release: Demo, 1983 + Extra
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Country: Canada (Toronto)
    Bitrate: VBR
    new link in comment section below
    Reupload request of IZOD's 1983 demo. I have also included 3 bonus tracks.
    Earlier posted as a UK band, however it seems like it's the Canadian band who released the EP 'Overdrive' in 1987 (source).
    They also had the song "Heavy Metal Madman" on the 'Q107 Homegrown Volume Six (1984)' compilation.

    Last Known Line-Up
    Greg Roxworth - Lead Vocals (Triple-X, Slasher, Night Flight, X-Citer, Angelbeast, Steel Lily, Unchained, Best In Black, Halenburg, Drop Down, Evermore, Intransway, The Gino Scarpelli Group, Carl Duggan & Infinity, Nakamura & Rowroth, Roxworth, Roxworth & Brown, Salvaje)
    Gary Greenblatt - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Background Vocals
    Luke Morretti - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Background Vocals)
    Mike Mayer - Bass & Background Vocals
    Paul Gayne - Drums, Background Vocals
    1. Demon Witch (Demo, 1983)
    2. Life in the UK (Demo, 1983)
    3. Heavy Metal Madman (Bonus - Q107 Homegrown Volume Six 1984, Compilation)
    3. High & Mighty (Bonus)
    4. Lost In The Night (Bonus)
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    My name is Greg Roxworth, formerly a singer for the band IZOD. Just read a blurb about myself on here and saw a few mistakes.., as I was not the last singer the band had.. I think they went through 3-4 after me.. Three I know of for sure..

    You also listed a few acts that I recorded with, but never performed live with.. and missed others.. But just thought I'd fill you in, if you write me back. I also was not on that independent LP with the grey cover and yellow writing.. I did do the Q-107 Homegorwn song (HMM) and the others you listed.., though..

    The singer on the video you have in here, would be the 2nd or 3rd singer after me...

    Thanks... for the mention...

    ..and if anyone has any video of me in any of my former bands, please let me know.. I have none.... and I know of at least four out there..

    ..thanks so much..!
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    Plantweed wrote:Hi Greg, do you know who exactly performed on this 1983 demo?

    Whoever posted it could probably give you the names better than I would be able to.., sorry.. Don't have a copy..

    I do know that both Luke Moretti (sorry if I spelt your family name wrong, lost lost buddy..!)...and myself were out of the band, when it was recorded..

    The singer's first name on there is Steve (something).. He used to be in a band called "Diamond" (Scarborough) before that.. That's all I can tell you..

    If you guys want to hear more of my own voice on some IZOD songs.. check out my old MySpace profile under my name.. There's a few songs from IZOD in there.. also.. , for my last band.. (not Metal, though..)
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    I think I nailed down the lineup:

    Steve Lewis (lv), Gary Green (g/bv), Max Fodero (g/bv), Mike Mayer (b/bv), Lenny Paul Gaine (d/bv)
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    Hidden Link

    Various Recordings @320
    01. High & Mighty
    02. Lost In The Night

    1983 Demo @ vbr
    01. Demon Witch
    02. Life in The UK

    1984 Heavy Metal Madman track @320

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