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    2009, Rock Candy Records JPCANDY001, CD, Reissue ... Fire/59239

    Artist: Bow Wow
    Release: Signal Fire
    Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
    Country: Japan
    Bitrate: 256kbps (VBR)
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    Kyoji Yamamoto - Guitar & Vocals (HEAVY METAL ARMY, VOW WOW, WILD FLAG, BLACK SYNDROME)
    Mitsuhiro Saito - Vocals & Guitar (DOT DOLLS, ARB, KIT 16, ONE BOY PLAYERS)
    Kenji Sano - Bass

    Japanese Heavy Metal/Hard Rock quartet BOW WOW were formed in Tokyo during 1975.
    The group first performed live in July 1976, making a bold statement with an impromptu gig on a flatbed truck outside of a film studio in Tokyo before debuting with the "Bow Wow (Hoero!)", album in December of 1976 on the Invitation label.
    The band's inaugural line-up comprised vocalist/guitarist Kyoji Yamamoto, vocalist/guitarist Mitsuhiro Saito, bass player Kenji Sano and drummer Toshiri Niimi.
    Yamamoto proved himself early on as an accomplished guitarist famed for his hammer-on tapping technique long before Eddie Van Halen.
    A great deal of exposure was afforded the band whilst promoting the second album "Signal Fire", when they supported KISS on their 1977 Japanese tour, and then AEROSMITH the year after.
    The band's third studio album "Charge" arrived in December 1977, with their fourth, "Guarantee", released in 1978.
    A June 1978 concert was recorded for the "Super Live", album, which included the band's take on EDDIE COCHRANE's "Summertime Blues", which owed something to BLUE CHEER's version of the song.
    Kyoji Yamamoto issued his debut solo effort "Horizons", in 1980, an industrious year for the man as Bow Wow also issued three new albums in quick succession.
    "Glorious Road", arrived in February, "Telephone", in September and "Kumikyoku : X Bomber Suite", in November, the latter the soundtrack to an animated TV show, "X Bomber".
    "Hard Dog", was then issued by SMS Records in April 1981.
    Somehow, in the midst of all this musical activity Kyoji Yamamoto found the time to appear on 1981's HEAVY METAL ARMY album, "1", unser the pseudonym of "Mr. X".
    Spreading their wings internationally in 1982, Bow Wow played at both the Reading Festival in Britain and the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival.
    Capitalising on their European exposure Roadrunner Records then picked up the band's new "Asian Volcano", album, this being the first time the band had an album issued throughout Europe.
    Their presence would be felt on the continent still further with the licensed releases of "Warning From Stardust", in September 1982 on Heavy Metal Records and "Holy Expedition-Live", through Roadrunner in July 1983.
    Both of these records drew significant media praise, initiating considerable fan support in the Western world.
    A further Yamamoto solo album "Electric Circus", featuring LAST FLIGHT vocalist Rob Hawthorne, found the Yamamoto's reputation growing in the West as interest in Japanese Metal began to spread.
    Bow Wow then morphed into VOW WOW, changing the name in order to avoid confusion with Malcolm McLaren's Pop act BOW WOW WOW, as original vocalist Mitsuhiro Saito lost his position.
    The band was brought back up to strength by former NOIZ vocalist Genki Hitomi plus SENSE OF WONDER and MOONDANCER keyboard player Rei Atsumi for June 1984's "Beat Of Metal Motion", album.
    This record showed a more commercial side to the band's sound, a trend that (sadly) continued throughout their time as Vow Wow.
    During their period as Vow Wow the band released 7 albums: 1984's "Beat Of Metal Motion", 1985's "Cyclone", January 1986's Tony Platt produced 'III', July 1986's "Vow Wow Live", (titled "Hard Rock Night", in Japan) and 1987's "Vow Wow V", recorded in Ibiza with producer Kit Woolven.
    By this time the band had relocated to London, England in order to focus on "breaking" Europe.
    Bassist Kenji Sano departed to make way for ex-WHITESNAKE, NATIONAL HEALTH and GARY MOORE bassist Neil Murray.
    Various band members somehow also found the time to contribute to TOM GALLEY's "Phenomena II" concept album during this time period.
    UK headline dates took place in March 1989, with the London Astoria gig filmed for the concert video "Live In The UK", prior to German concerts in May backing WARLOCK.
    Album output continued apace with 1989's "Helter Skelter", produced by Tony Taverner, (titled "Vibe", in Japan with a slightly different track listing).
    Murray quit in 1990 following "Helter Skelter", the bassman then joining BLACK SABBATH.
    Vow Wow continued, recruiting American bassist Mark Gould, and releasing a new album later that year entitled, "Mountain Top".
    "Mountain Top", proved to be a difficult recording for the band, with co-production shared between Nick Griffiths, Brian Christian and Bob Ezrin, and it ended up being the final release by Vow Wow.
    Vow Wow split soon after the record's release with Yamamoto creating a new band called WILD FLAG.
    Wild Flag released three albums between 1992 and 1994, which were only issued in Japan.
    Yamamoto then reverted back to the Bow Wow nane for the August 1995 mini-album "Bow Wow #0".
    Two months later the full-length "Bow Wow #1", arrived in Japanese stores.
    This record was made by a much revised line-up, with Yamamoto being joined by vocalist Tetsuya Horie, second guitarist Hiroshi Yaegashi, bassist Shotaro Mitsuzono and drummer Eiji Mitsuzono.
    The band, bolstered by the returning Saito and with Toshihiro Niimi back on drums after a two album stint with LANCE OF THRILL, then put out "Bow Wow #2 (Led By The Sun)", in July 1996.
    Slimming the line-up down to a trio of just Saito, Yamamoto and Niimi, they reformed yet again during 1998, testing the waters with an April live mini-album "Still On Fire", through Tears Music.
    The subsequent "Back", album, released by East West, included three new songs alongside 7 Bow Wow classics.
    Bow Wow's energies were renewed and further releases came quick & fast during this time.
    Yamamoto released a new solo album, "Mind Arc", in 1998
    "Ancient Dreams", released in July 1999 on the Mars label, was recorded by Yamamoto, Saito, session bassist Daisuke Kitsuwa with Niimi on drums.
    For live work the band re-drafted original bassist Kenji Sano, with this line-up captured on "Live Explosion 1999", issued that December.
    Sano soon left once again and the band often employed producer Daisuke Kitsuwa to handle studio bass duties.
    A new Kyoji Yamamoto solo album, "Requiem", was then released in 2000.
    Successive releases in Japan included "Beyond", in 2000, "Another Place", in 2001, "What's Going On?", in 2002, with both "Super Live 2004", and "Era", arriving in 2005.
    Yamamoto's solo career picked up pace with "Solo Concert - Time", released as both a double CD and as a DVD in 2006.
    A further live Yamamoto DVD, "Solo Concert 21 July 2007", was then issued in 2008, as well as a compilation album called "Healing Collection".
    His most recent solo album is 2010's "The Life Album", which was followed by a further solo compilation, "Voyager".
    He also is a sometime member of BLACK SYNDROME in a live capacity, and has played with that band off and on for years, when time permits.
    Toshiri Niimi also played with a side project between 2000 and 2002 entitled BAD SIX BABIES.
    Bow Wow continue to play live in Japan, but have not released a new studio album since 2005's "Era" album.
    There have however been 4 live DVD's issued since that time, and a compilation of the band's material between '95 & '05 entitled "The Bow Wow II Decennium"..
    In 2011, co-inciding with the 35th anniversary of the band's formation, Polystar Records issued "XXXV ~Thirty Five Years of Maximum H.R.", a 4CD/1DVD Box Set.
    Alongside the vintage material in the box set, there were three new songs specially recorded for the set.
    01. Prelude
    02. Get On Your Train
    03. Just One More Night
    04. Silver Lightning
    05. Electric Power Up
    06. Rock 'n' Roll Drive
    07. Rainbow Of Sabbath
    08. Tell Me Tell Me
    09. Signal Fire
    10. Still
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