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    re-released in 2015 ... y%21/32197 ... ustte-psy/
    CD Vypusťte psy
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    Czech Republic / Location: Ostrava


    Heavy/Power Metal, Hard Rock


    CITRON is famous legend of Czechoslovak hard rock and heavy metal.History band of CITRON is very varied and we can divide it's to few periods. The most important are two basic periods. The first of them is shorter and includes the epoch of blues rock CITRON. It was in years 1976 - 1982 when the band was led by Bass guitarist Petr Michalík. The second Period is present hard rock CITRON that is led by Radim Paøízek from 1981 till today.The first beginning of CITRON are dated in year 1976, when left a few musician from František Ringo Èech and they established attendant band of singer Aleš ULM (today's his Job is TV dramaturgist). They were the guitarist Olda Øíha, percussionist Tolja Kohout (band Katapult), keyboardist Miloš Nop and bass guitarist Petr Michalík as well, who named the band as CITRON. They were two singles recorded: Pecky z blum/Plátìnky (SP Panton 1976) and Mlèenlivá žena/Koèka (SP Supraphon 1976). On these singles sing except Ulm the singers Milan Drlièák a Jiøí Hromádka as well from theatre Semafor. Some time after Petr Michalík achieved independence and started looking for new musician. The main singer is become Vladimír Kubala and other members of group is guitarist Jiøí Schmutz and percussionist Milan Tutsch. They started producing the rock music in style Bad Company, Free or Led Zeppelin. Due to their big experience the band achieved success early not only in radio but on TV too. The first single „Tvých sedmnáct/Pantomima reklam", which was produced by Supraphon in 1978, is becoming a great achievement and the above mentioned hit won even in TV programme Hitšarada. The second single „Až se vrátí rock'n roll/Diskžokej" had the same success such the first one and band Citron very early started to led the Czechoslovak rock scene. In this time is Citron ranked among the most popular bands as KATAPULT or Jiøí Scheling's band.In 1979 there is very important change in band. Milan Tutsch is leaving to KATAPULT and his place is engaged by future leader of group Radim Paøízek and comes the second guitarist Miloslav Benýšek. A lot of concerts follow over the Czechoslovakia on that sound the songs from FREE as well. In 1980 follow next two singles and band starts preparing its debut record „Tropic of Cancer" . The debut is made in Ostravian radio on behalf of sound arrangement Karel Šmiták. Two versions originated: Czech for domestic market and English for export to abroad. Czech text were written by Pavel Vrba which was reason why Supraphon produced just english version and czech one was from editor's plan canceled. This situation had big negative influence to band and caused its break up. Petr Michalík, singer Vladimír Kubala a later the guitarist Miloslav Benýšek left the group. Only the second guitarist Jiøí Schmutz and percussionist Radim Paøízek stayed in the band.Radim Paøízek does not want to take with this bad situation. He becomes the leader and main character of CITRON. Very experienced vocalist Stanislav Hranický comes to band (ex-Majestic). In band coms other musicians - young guitarist Jindøich Kvita a bass guitarist Jiøí Krejèí. In that arrangement originate singles „Zítra, zkrátka pøíštì/Kamaráde na pomoc tì volám" and „V tu ránu / Jenom já sním" which were produced by Supraphon. In this year in summer happens to next important change in band. Schmutz and Krejèí are replaced by guitarist Jaroslav Bartoò and bass guitarist Václav Vlasák who come here from Pavel Novák's band. All together started producing next singles that were sold out very quickly. Songs like „Revizor" or „Vezmi si mne jako dárek" (with original uncertified lyrics „Jen si od plic zanadávej") are becoming big hit songs and band starts slowly but markedly to change (harden) its style from hard-rock to heavy metal. It is clear that LP record will appear very soon. Recording LP record „Plni energie"(Full of Energy) goes on in year 1984 - 1985 in Prague's studio Mozaretum and with band starts cooperating Wester German producer of Czech origin Jan Nìmec. Two version originate again and this time in 1986 appear both - Czech version at Supraphon, English version at West German company Intercord.The record becomes by Golden at once and is sold over half milion pieces of that record. Next accomplishments come as well, e.g. in public inquiry "The golden nightingale" where CITRON in competition the Czechoslovak Top of popular music places the second position closely behind Slovak's band ELÁN. Neverending concert tours follow e.g in West Germany with band ROSY VISTA and they follow one in the Czech Republic as well. In February 1987 has CITRON big trouble because vocalist Stanislav Haranický breaks his leg at concert in Bratislava and he becomes in the long therm ill. The band must solve this situation very quickly and hires vocalist Ladislav Køížek from Prague band VITACIT. The preparations for the third LP record „Radegast" start. This LP is recorded in 1987 in studio Citron which was originally Radim's flat in Ostrava - Pøívoz.The singles „Kráska a Radegast / Zase dál" and „Sedm životù / Už zase mi scházíš" that went before the Album and were produced in autumn 1987 revealed that CITRON changed its style to pure Heavy Metal. Two version originate again in 1988 and LP record is golden again. The Record is produced on CD too (small edition). The huge carousal of concert tours starts not only in Czechoslovakia but in Poland, Soviet Union and Germany as well. The band starts to appear on TV where won in hit parades, in radio hit parade „Vìtrník" is becoming for fivetimes The band of year and Song „Zase dál" become The song of year. In 1988 CITRON wins in public inquiry "The golden nightingale" and become the best of band in Czechoslovakia. In this time starts co-operation with songstress Tanja e.g. in hit „Where go my loves" that was written by Ladislav Køížek. At the beginning 1989 band prepares next LP record „ Vypuste psy!"(Release the dogs!) but inside in band starts to iniciate problems. From prepared LP record are produced only working demo and only single „Uragán / Svìt patøí nám" is published. The first named song becomes by hit at once. In August 1989 leaves from band Ladislav Køížek and after him Jaroslav Bartoò, who found own band the KREYSON.The CITRON finds new vocalist and guitarist in Slovakia; Tibor Šándor and Pavol Chodelka. In new arrangement finish planned concert in autumn and produce LP record „Vypuste psy!"(Release the dogs!) whereas Tibor Šándor was not good as vocalist. At the beginning 1990 CITRON found talented vocalist Fany Michalík and Tibor Šandor is replaced by him. The band does the tour around France and to band comes new member, Slovakian quitarist, skilled Henry Tóth. In new arrangement rework LP record „ Vypuste psy!"(Release the dogs!) which appeares in Supraphon in May 1990. Next concert tour follows to promotion of LP record but period of inactiveness comes after that which is ended next personal changes. In spring 1991 leaves band Pavel Chodelka and Henry Tóth. They are replaced by Libor Kozelský. In 1991 band prepares next LP record, but in summer band comes apart again, goes away Jindøich Kvita, Václav Vlasák and Fany Michalík and they found band named FUNNY. Only Libor Kozelský and Radim Paøízek stay together and their aim is to build new CITRON totally from bases. New memebers appear in autumn: Aleš Hubáèek - vocalist, Pavel Silber - bass guitarist and Pavel Novotný - guitar. Pavel Novotný is soon replaced by Ladislav Kreèmer. That group does concert as preband of Ian Gillan and in spring in 1992 produces LP record „Sexbomby"(Sex bombs) in company Direkt. As bonus you can hear new version of hit „Revizor" with guest Standa Hranický. In this time the band concerts very little and declines to big surprise. The most famous group from period LP record „Full of energy"including of Standa Hranický meet in café Prague in Nový Jièín at Christmas 1993 and all together will plan their comeback.This period is in token of great comeback on stages but one very sad and tragic event as well. Fans take band with passion. Band playes on big festivals and small concerts and in their repertoire appear mainly hits from years 1982 - 1987. CITRON starts preparing LP record of their greatest hits named „Best of". Recording procedure is interrupted due to weighty disorder of Jindra Kvita, who dies in 1997 at last. It is big shock for band and fans and takes too long time than is evething OK and finishes record „Best of". That Record appears in 1999 and is devoted to memory of Jindra Kvita. The record is successful at fans and becomes by golden. Some time has Citron only four members but after that comes guitarist Libor Kozelský. In 2001 Citron joins with former vocalist Ladislav Køížek. The band produces memorial album „Síla návratù"(Power of returns) first of all with songs from period „Radegast" and with very beautiful and new title song. In this time there is short concert tour and then CITRON comes back to their earlier period but without Ladislav Køížek. In 2004 is band invited to the USA, where plays a few successful concerts and shoots the clip to song „Rock, Rock, Rock. Next entrance follows at festivals and preparing new record and DVD.

    Line Up:

    Radim Pařízek Drums (1979-present)
    Vašek Vlasák Bass (1981-1991, 1994-present)
    Jaroslav Bartoň Guitars (1981-1989, 1994-present) - See also: ex-Kreyson
    Standa Hranický Vocals (1981-1987, 1994-present)


    Mlčenlivá žena / Kočka Single 1976
    Pecky z blum / Plátěnky Single 1976
    Tvých sedmnáct / Pantomima reklam Single 1978
    Až se vrátí rock 'n' roll / Diskžokej Single 1979
    No tak, taxi / Televizní počasí Single 1979
    Můj svět je automat / Éli Single 1980
    Řekli, že tu víc nebydlím / Ani stromy nerostou do nebe Single 1980
    Tropic of Cancer Full-length 1981
    Obratník raka Demo 1981
    Meteor lásky / Vyzutá tvář Split 1981
    V tu ránu / Jenom já smím Single 1983
    Zítra, zkrátka příště / Kamaráde, na pomoc tě volám Single 1983
    Když už jsem se narodil / Každý den Single 1984
    Tvá odvrácená tvář / Revizor Single 1984
    Koncert Demo 1985
    Už couvám / Koncert Single 1985
    Plni energie / Full of Energy Full-length 1986
    Rock, Rock, Rock / Půlnoční město Single 1986
    Radegast Full-length 1987
    Kráska a Radegast / Zase dál Single 1987
    Už zase mi scházíš / Sedm životů Single 1987
    Uragán / Svět patří nám Single 1989
    Vypusťte psy! Full-length 1990
    Sex Bomby Full-length 1992
    Best of Citron Compilation 1999
    Síla návratů Full-length 2001
    Bigbítový panbů Full-length 2010
    Representative - Part 1 (1976-2011) DVD 2011


    Citron - Vypustte Psy! (1990)

    Year : 1990
    Style : Melodic Heavy Metal
    Country : Czech Republic
    Audio : 320 kbps + scans
    Size : 104 mb

    1. Vypusťte Psy! 06:10
    2. Uragán 03:29
    3. Uteč, Dokud se Dá 03:34
    4. Nezvaná 04:21
    5. Hraběnky, Hrabata 03:36
    6. Kryzané 04:14
    7. Snadné Žití 04:20
    8. Jak Zákony Kázaly 03:42
    9. Červený Smích 04:29
    10. Svět Patří Nám 03:47
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