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    Beyond Infinity [Compilation] 2015 [Barbarian Wrath ‎– WRATH666-065]
    Double CD Collection of "Upwards Of Endtime" and "Sadly Never Fore" (both remastered) with 9 bonus tracks. ... se/8077761 ... ity/630461
    Upwards of Endtime (USA) - Sadly Never Fore (2006)
    Type: Full-length
    Release date: May 11th, 2006
    Label: Swaying Ball
    Source: Ripped from my CD at 320 CBR bitrate using dBpoweramp
    Download: dead link
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- ... time/38335
    1. Beyond Infinity
    2. Dwellers of the Dust
    3. Circles (Reprise)
    4. So Mote It Be
    5. Home Sweet Home
    6. The One Thing
    7. Princeps Tenebarum
    8. Dreamachine
    9. Defenders
    10. Great Goat God
    11. In My Wake
    12. The Beast
    13. The Gathering
    14. Time Again

    By request of Heavy Metal 80 and Boring Oldfart, here ya go (vking1) - sorry I didn't get it up earlier, slipped my mind (zombie)

    Review written by AnInsidiousMind on Metal Archives - December 20th, 2007
    Upwards of Endtime - Sadly Never Fore - 84%

    Upwards of Endtime is from the Northeastern United States, and plays occult heavy metal. The band’s vocalist Phil Swanson is one of the most unique vocalists I know. The way he puts his vocal melodies together and the lyrics he writes are truly brilliant; however, Phil’s voice isn’t a John Arch, but he uses it as another instrument. The lyrics aren’t the best thing written, but I find them to fit to what the band creates musically. The band deals with Satan, Paganism, and death, and they do this to reject Christianity. They embrace Satan and talk about the mythological places in hell. This fits perfectly into the atmosphere the band creates; unlike a lot of heavy metal bands, I find them focusing more on an atmosphere rather than sweeping hooks and being epic.

    The fourteen tracks all clocking in to about two and a half or three minutes are punky heavy metal riffs with a few slower doom moments thrown in there. The songwriting of this album is much improved upon in here compared to their first album, where sometimes the songs dragged on and became tedious, but in this album the guitars have tons of balls in them and show the beauty in Phil’s voice. The production is more vocal heavy, but it is the only way it should be for this album. Every listen to this album brings out more and more subtleties that weren’t noticed before, and make it a rewarding album.

    Don’t expect any huge hooks or catchy choruses through the album, but do expect absolutely superb songwriting. Upwards of Endtime knows when and how to keep their music atmospheric and when to keep the fist pumping heavy metal riffs. If you want some high quality new heavy metal that is intrinsically evil, this is the band for you.
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    Reminds me 'Slough Feg'. Great album, obscure and melodic with excellent vocalist! I will put out this on my mp3 player....perfect to drive my car the next days!
    Thanks Witchcross (thanks)
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