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    Reissued in 2012 and 2020.

    Vinyl (White):!/ASS ... category=0
    Vinyl (Black):!/ASS ... category=0

    Took this off of

    Artist: Assassin
    Release: Metal Massacre [Demo] (1987)
    Genre: Speed Metal
    Country: USA (Minnesota)
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
    Assassin billed themselves as "The Metal Knights". Cheezy 80′s speed metal band. Typical balls in a vice metal. I’m told this band evolved into T.H.C., which will be posted later this month.

    1, A Warning from the heavens
    2. Satan's Imprisoned
    3. By the fire of your Grave
    4. Soldiers of the Lord
    5. Tyrants of Evil
    6. Metal Knights
    7. Premonition
    8. Spirit of the Night
    9. Dark evil forces - Assassin
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    thanks for this, and reminding me about

    thats a great site for the real metal/crossover punk scene in the Twin Cities-
    site run by a very cool old school guy, lotsa demos, live shows, and vids-
    check it out !!
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    MALINKU,thanx for posting another USA ASSASIN,to take us by storm with the raw,relentless speed thrash and raging vocals on top style they deliver!All out 80s speed thrash of cult proportions these days!!!HIRAX style speed and KATON DE PENA style screams here,heaven for hardcore thrashers!!! porosimetal
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    Reissued in 2012 and 2020.

    Vinyl (White):!/ASS ... category=0
    Vinyl (Black):!/ASS ... category=0

    Released on vinyl for the first time, we are proud to bring you a very special edition of ASSASSIN! For those who are accustomed to the world of cult and obscure bands, ASSASSIN does not need great presentations. With them, we have a perfect example of what American Speed Metal is (Speed in its true meaning, which is, fast Heavy Metal). Prepare yourselves, because the ‘Metal Knights’ are coming!

    In this edition we managed to bring the best recordings of the band, including their first tape recordings, 'Metal Massacre', recorded in 1987. With a new mastering, made specifically for this vinyl edition, we truly believe that we have managed to bring a new life to recordings with over thirty years old! ASSASSIN will definitely be immortalized by this deluxe edition!

    This double-LP edition, limited to 250 copies (150 in black vinyl, 100 in white marbled vinyl) will include:

    - 12 songs mastered for vinyl, comprising the band’s available recordings
    - Gatefold 350g high gloss cover, with band biography
    - Band logo and album title laser engraved on side D
    - A2 poster
    - Band promo photo
    - Hand numbered certificate card
    - Woven patch 136mm X 136mm (limited to the first 50 pre-orders ONLY!)
    Wantlist: Physical / Digital
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