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  •  ! canadaspaceman wrote:
    included in Metal Blade Records box set

    Artist: Hallows Eve
    Release: Rehearsal, June 1984 / Rehearsal, May 1984 / Tales of Terror, Demo 1984
    Genre: Speed / Thrash Metal
    Country: USA
    This file contains 3 demos from this amazing band
    1984 - Rehearsal June 1984
    01 - The Mansion
    02 - Metal Prisoners (Warrior)

    1984 - Rehearsal May 1984
    01 - Scream In The Night (Exciter Cover)
    02 - There Are No Rules
    03 - Eighteen (Alice Cooper Cover)
    04 - Hallows Eve

    Tales Of Terror (DEMO)
    1. Hallows Eve
    2. Metal Merchants
    Every Warrior Has A Gash On His Sword - Lost Horizon

    If Any Of My Links Are Dead PM Me And I Will Upload It Again
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    witchcross wrote:BTW, all this material was re-released in the History of Terror boxset - highly recommended for all 80s thrash maniacs to pick up this excellent boxset.

    I second that! It's unbelievable to see over the years just how little noteriety this great band received! I have the box set, got it when it came out, and I can't go a week without playing one of the three discs contained in it! The only thing I don't like about it is that the "Tales Of Terror" master tapes were badly damaged when they transferred it to digital, back in '94. If you listen to the songs "Metal Merchants" and "Hallow's Eve" one of the left/right channels 'drops out', off and on, throughout the tracks.

    BTW, did you know that the demo "Hallow's Eve" are the actual tracks that ended up on the album? So, if you have the "Tales Of Terror" album, you have the demo as well. But the demo only has two songs listed, "Metal Merchants" and "Hallow's Eve", whereas the album lists three tracks, because when they put the record together, they took the intro for "...Merchants" and gave it the title "Valley of the Dolls". the demo was produced by Nick Jameson of the 70's Rock band Foghat, and the other 5 songs were recorded in a rehearsal space using a 'reel to reel' 8-track recorder! Just some senseless info for anyone who might be interested. It's in the liner notes of the box set, but I knew about it a long time ago during a phone conversation I had with Tommy Stewart, right after Stacey Anderson disappeared during the "Monument" tour. I was talking with him about me possibly auditioning for the available vocalist job. for whatever reason, I never ended up flying out there to audition, but I did get the chance to hear alot of interesting, hilarious stories, mostly about Stacey. After that, around 1990-'91, Hallow's Eve 'unofficially' broke up, and Tommy Stewart started a booking agency. He actually ended up booking a tour for Whiplash and wanted my current band Weapons(US) to go on tour with them, and the Seattle, WA band Forced Entry, I think.

    I dunno, these first three albums are very 'magical' for me. It's too bad they had to leave a bad taste in my mouth with the last two albums they released! I can't see how a band that wrote such classic material as "D.I.E", "Hallow's Eve", "Speedfreak", ect; could write and record the complete garbage they did in the last few years!

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